The Cars

The Cars!

Here are my two best friends in the world! A 1978 Mercedes Benz 300D and a 1982 Mercedes Benz 300D the 78 is a us spec car and the 82 is a euro spec car.

A little back store on them!

The silver one, which is happily named the Silver Ghost and the brown one named the Brown Bomber.

The 1978 was acquired in Jan of 2012. I found the car listed on Craigslist for $450.00 in Alameda California. I was very very skeptical on buying the car as it was parked behind a repair shop and the injection pump was removed. I was pretty scared as I had never done that type of work on these cars. 

Something just called to me about the car, something’s I really loved was the color combo and the interior was very complete and nice. Also the transmission had been rebuilt. This was a great as I needed an automatic as my left knee was getting bad and I assumed I was going to need surgery. That meant that I couldn’t use the clutch on the manual, later I found out that I had a rare forum of arthritis called psoriatic arthritis and surgery never happened.
So this car is absolutely great but her spirit is that of an old grandma. She is cranky, loved her interior clean and she also has the nice patina. Oh let’s not forget she doesn’t like the cold at all. Though once she is on the road she just floats like a cloud. 

Getting her going was no easy task, years of running on vegetable oil, years of sitting and just years of neglect. Believe it or not, she has only been driven on the road around 15 years out of her 36 years.

On the same night that I lost my soul mate both of my cars received flat tires and broken windows. After I got out of the hospital close to a month after the incident happened, I went to our home. I could only take one car, and only grabbed a few possessions. I decided to take her, as she was used by Jeremiah for commuting, I had also called it our car as we got it when we were together and he helped me do a lot of work on her. So I took her for the memories. She had 2 flat tires, 2 side windows and the windshield busted. After I got her I was still in a horrible place mentally. So I let her sit open to the winter rains for over a month. I then got better just enough to get her fixed up and road worthy. It took a lot of mental energy that I just didn’t have and then on Christmas day 2012 I drove her to Arizona.
She has been an amazing car, but like the old grandma she is….she is a cranky ol gal. She got her name because of all the times I resurrected her.

The 1982 I bought around 8 years ago.  This was my second car I bought. My first car was a 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger which I also lost in 2012. I was on the eye out for a more fuel efficient car as the dart got around 12mpg. I had remembered my grandmother’s neighbor had a Mercedes and I got really interested in that car and decided to ask about it. The daughter of the original owner was now the owner as her father the second owner I believe had passed away some years back. 

When I finally got the nerve to ask about it, I was presently surprised. She had told me that they attempted to sell the car to kash for kars but they wanted a smog even though the car is a diesel. So she was unable to sell it, she told me to just give her 300$ for the car and pay whenever I could. I admittedly pushed the car over to my grandmother’s house. 

When I was researching the car, I could find nothing on this car. It showed that all 1983’s came as turbo diesels and this one wasn’t. When we went to pick it up, I discovered it had three pedals! Later I would find out it was a taxi cab and a euro import. This was really fun not only was this my first diesel it was a Mercedes on top of that and it was a stick!!!
So it was also a neglected car, so not only did I have to learn how to repair this car, I had to learn how to drive it. Needless to say it was an amazing interesting experience!

So this was a car that I had left at my home after the incident happened, as it had all the glass busted out and 2 flat tires too. But in Dec of 2013 I was browsing craigslist in California when I found my car!! It was being parted out by a German auto shop. You ask how this is possible, It wasn’t the car was still in my name and they had the pink slip from my house!! The landlord had told me that she donated them to charity not sell them to a garage. 

He was in even worse shape than I left him. All the glass was still broken, interior destroyed by the weather and multiple parts missing. I managed to have a friend go to the shop and prove ownership for me. I then focused on getting the money to have it shipped to me. It finally got here, and soon I had it stripped down and looking for parts. 

Then in July I took him on an over 5000 mile road trip! So now both cars are back together and running in harmony. If you go to my link page, you will see links to the Mercedes forums I belong to, check me out for tons of photos and interesting stories on them!

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