Urban Farm Project-St Luke Heritage Gardens

Well I have a goal in life something I have wanted to do for a long time. I have always wanted to start a victory garden. But this idea was for a home that was in a an navy town I lived in. Now that I have this church I am having great visions of an urban farm.

I have a rare forum of arthritis called Psoriatic Arthritis which shows up in less then 3% of individuals suffering from psoriasis. Because of this I am unable to work, especial in my field which was landscaping. I had a very tragic event happen in my life and because of that I suffer from PTSD and I also have epilepsy. With the purchase of this abandoned church below. I can slowly start my dream and I will have a larger then life antique to restore! Big GRIN

This is the property that has chosen us.

St Luke AME Church

"located at 101 S Alice Ave in Salisbury Missouri. This is an amazing historical piece of property just dying for a historical plaque. It is an amazing property as we can create different gardens in different areas."

We would first make the small home livable while living in it! Then we would move to the church, grounds and research!

A few updates as the come.

I received some photos of the interior of the Alice St Church. I am in love! Look at all that natural light. As I thought the roof needs to be replaced. There is some water damage inside but it doesn't appear to bad. It looks like the last congregation to use the church was in 2012. I love it as it looks like all the original wood of the church will be protected under all the 70's decor. Appears like a nice clean basement no crumbling walls and a good looking floor, I expected a dirt crawl space. I wonder if those pendents are original?

More information on the church, it turns out to be a African American AME church! This is fascinating, as this means there would be a amazing amount of history to discover and preserve for the future!!

Oh and zoom in! It says it had electric in 1916....really amazing will love to see if there is anything left from when it was first wired!

It looks like the church was built in 1867 and the parsonage was built in 1888. It also appears the name was St Luke AME Church.

We have a facebook page going now for the property and everyone is move then welcome to check us out!

For anyone whom would like to help support my efforts to rehab and create the gardens. Please selected a amount to contribute below.

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