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Well I have a goal in life something I have wanted to do for a long time. I have always wanted to start a victory garden. But this idea was for a home that was in a an navy town I lived in. Now that I have this church I am having great visions of an urban farm.

I have a rare forum of arthritis called Psoriatic Arthritis which shows up in less then 3% of individuals suffering from psoriasis. Because of this I am unable to work, especial in my field which was landscaping. I has had a very tragic event happen in my life and because of that I suffer from PTSD. I am currently in the midst of applying for disability. Hopefully with an approval I would also get a settlement. This money I would then use to purchase the abandoned church below. I would then be able to slowly start my dream of an urban garden, PLUS. I would have a larger then life antique to restore! Big GRIN

This is the property that I have both my mind, spirit and soul focused on.

St Luke Church

"located at 110 S Alice Ave in Salisbury Missouri. This is an amazing historical piece of property just dying for a historical plaque. It would be an amazing property as we can create the gardens between the two properties."

We would first make the small home livable while living in it! Then we would move to the church, grounds and research! I just found a huge tent that I had no idea I even have that we can stay in too as we clean up the small home! Did I forget to say this will all be documented on here!!!

A few updates as the come.

I received some photos of the interior of the Alica St Church. I am in love! Look at all that natural light. As I thought the roof needs to be replaced. There is some water damage inside but it doesn't appear to bad. It looks like the last congregation to use the church was in 1972. I love it as it looks like all the original wood of the church will be protected under all the 70's decor. Appears like a nice clean basement no crumbling walls and a good looking floor, I expected a dirt crawl space. I wonder if those pendents are original?

More information on the church, it turns out to be a African American AME church! This is fascinating, as this means there would be a amazing amount of history to discover and preserve for the future!!

Oh and zoom in! It says it had electric in 1916....really amazing will love to see if there is anything left from when it was first wired!

Here is more amazing information! It looks like the church was built in 1869 and the parsonage was built in 1893. Some neat info gathered below. It also appears the name was St Luke

"Rev. Henry Horwood Johnson, son of Henry and Mary Johnson, both members of the Wes-leyan Methodist Church of Bristol, England, was born July 2nd, 1866, in the City of Bristol,England. He was converted at the Cotham Wesleyan Church, at the close of the Sunday School, at the earnest solicitation of his Sun-day School teacher, Charles Phillips, but he believes the chief factor was the godly life and teaching of his mother. It was during family prayers conducted by his mother that both bis father and himself were brought under convic-tion. It has been the constant aim cf his life to grow in grace, and God has blessed him with a clearer revelation of His will, and he has earnestly endeavored to pursue the path He points out. He loves God and his fellow-men. He was licensed to preach by the Local Preachers' Meeting of the King Street Wes-leyan Circuit, Bristol District, English Confer-ence. Rev. George Latham was chairman of the District and Superintendent of the Circuit.

He was fully accredited as a local preacher June 4th, 1888; was recommended to the Missouri Annual Conference, July 22nd, 1893, by the Quarterly Conference of Marceline and Brookfield, Macon District; and was received into the Missouri Conference on trial at Monroe^City; Rev. C. Grimes, Presiding Elder, and Bishop Atticus G. Haygood presiding. Ordained Deacon by Bishop A. G. Haygood, September 17th, 1893, at Monroe City; ordained Elder by Bishop John C. Granbery, September 3rd, 1899, at Fayette, Missouri. Appointments served: Marceline and Brookfield (supply), 1892; New London Circuit, 1893; Huntsville, 1896; Memphis, 1900; Monroe City, 1901; Albany, 1902; Salisbury and Asbury, 1904. About two hundred and sixty-four persons have oeen received into the Church on profession of faith under his ministry. The Huntsville Church and the parsonage at Salisbury were built during his pastorates.

He was educated at the Grammar School, Bristol, England. This school articulated with Oxford University; he spent five years there, but did not finish the course. He was married to Miss Kayte E. Morgan, of Clifton, England, and they have one child,Leslie Morgan. The hour he promised God that he would never refuse to do any-thing he was called on to do in His service, but would make an effort to accomplish it in His name and leave results with Him, was possibly the most important crisis his life. Pilgrim's Progress, Baxter's "Saint's Rest," "Tongue of Fire, Spirit Pi lied Life," "The Mind of the Master," and "The Upper Room" have been some oi the books that have proven very helpful and beneficial, aside from the Bible, in his Christian life. He believes that all higher education should be under Church auspices.


M. E. Church South

This organization was made in 1869, with seven members; namely : John Redding, Rebecca Redding, Jno. T. Marr, Mrs. J. K. Marr, J. M. McMurry and Charles W. Hogan. Until 1885, the Methodist people shared property with the Cumberland Presbyterians when they disposed of their interest and erected the property they now occupy. This organization has enjoyed a very prosperous growth, until now the membership is about two hundred. The building is nicely furnished and seated with opera chairs. Services are conducted each Sunday, by rev. James Ramsey, pastor, who this fall will close his second four years labor in this field, having served this people four in the eighty’s(1880’s).

Now it is March 2015 and we are planning a trip to see the property!!

In the meantime, I am searching for antique photos of churches from the same era to give me an idea of what the church may have looked like. I am hoping we may run into someone in town or a museum or maybe call the historical society and if I could find some hard evidence of the church it will be amazing!

My first search of the day, pulled up this Newspaper photo of a church in Mississippi that was taken in 1893. I had to do a double read as I was like is this our church??

Here is a great photo of a 1870 church, with a bell tower and its shows that they were built with basements. It is very interesting, it also shows the original windows and the siding!

I have posted a few post with more photos and details from our trip here

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