Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Harvest Time!

Over the summer we got a TON! Of produce from the garden, it was great but honestly it was way way more then we could eat. We still have a freezer full of tomato sauce and veggies.

For our first full season here, we got an amazing garden going and I can't wait till next spring. Everything was so lush.

This shows some of our harvest rewards!

We planted a lot and I mean a lot! We planted a blueberry bush, Arkansas Black Apple, peach, mint, Rose of Sharon, Azaleas, Lilies, roses and a ton more.

The grape we rescues really sprouted out this year and I am so happy it came back. I really hope we get some grapes on it so we will know what type it is.

And we made a lot of flower arrangements this summer too.

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