Monday, November 20, 2017

Time to tear off the front....


Yes that is a hole in the front of the parsonage. We started at the worst corner first. Everything from the windows to joist need to be touched in one way or another. After we replaced the front rim joist/mud seal with a beam we never really replaced in of the rot in the front wall. We need to replace every stud, some of the top plate and pull the window out to relevel it on this corner. Hints to all the salvage we did on the one addition on that home.

Remnants of one of the vines.

Forgot to mention, we drug out another large old beam from the crawl space. There were/are four of these that were added to hold up the floors after the joist rotted away from the rim joist/sills.

Slowly adding new studs.

Window missing now..

AH! Window frame in and some new old siding showing up!

More siding but now the left door is out for rebuilding.

More wood siding replacing the temporary vinyl...

All the siding up and slowly adding the lower fascia back!

In June the sashes started to make a return...

And in July a almost fully restored door....

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