Monday, November 20, 2017

Spring bring in so much!!

Oh yeah! This spring/summer also brought paint to part of the house!!! It started in March..

We started prepping the best side of the parsonage/house which is the left side. The prep requires us to remove all the original paint, coat everything with linseed oil to rehydrate the wood, then primer and finally paint!

We chose a color, this is actually near identical to the original haint blue that we discovered on the parsonage. It is a satin finish called "summer house blue"

We got an A frame ladder and this has been a god sent! It has allowed us to do so so so much to the parsonage it is unbelievable.

I learned how to miter corners for all the missing crowns on the windows.

More fake siding coming off the right side of the parsonage. You can also see things sprouting and developing in the gardens.

 Springs a coming!

But back to prep!

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