Sunday, February 26, 2017

Eeekkkkk Three Months!

Well I just seen its been three months almost since I post and figured I better add something! I do hope people follow me on facebook stlukeamechurchsalisbury I always try to write down something after a hard days work.   

My partner, hit some ice on the road and we lost one of the cars on the 9th of December and so that pretty much broke us for sometime and about a month later. He ended up getting a really bad infection in his leg and that lead him to the hospital for near two weeks. So that really broke us! One bill was 130,000$! So needless to say we need another vehicle and I hope to get a truck but since we didn't have full coverage we didn't get any money for the loss. We have no idea when we will be able to afford another vehicle.

Making dinner one night, I heard a crash and thought it was the cat again but it turned out a sheet of dry wall opted to tumble down. 

Of course no month was complete with our digging up more stuff from the yard!

Come the beginning of January we got a very nice surprise from the Second Baptist Church here in Salisbury, they brought us over a ham dinner! It was awesome!


I trucked home a Pellet Stove that I thought would give us nice heat....Turned out, someone robbed it of all its blower and it is now a project on the back burner...

That pretty much sums it up until February, it was just so cold during that time and with the accident it was very hard to do much around here. So not much was missed.

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