Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dropping the ceiling....

Well this is an off n on project. When my partner was in the hospital, I would go out on the semi warm days and work on it. The Church is in really bad bad and again bad shape. As we need a place to live, we must work on the parsonage first and hopefully get to the church when we can. But I have to keep it standing. As the structure is severely rotted and ate by termites. I need to get down as much weight from the roof as I can. Thus this entitles removing the drop ceiling, plaster and insulation....oh what fun!!

 These photos show how bad the original plaster was above the drop ceiling.

There is a half a dozen bullet holes in the church, which is very odd but knowing the racial tensions of the past it doesn't surprise me. It would be interesting to know the story behind them.

I had always thought the fire damage to the church was that from the two big fires that wiped out a huge chunk of Salisbury in the late 19th century but when I was removing the ceiling. I noticed that the one bys that the drop ceiling was attached to was burn and that would indicate the fire happened after the drop ceiling was installed. I then have to ponder, was the church fire bombed in some racial act in the 50's/60's? I may never know. But this on top of the rot of the structure is what is really threatening the church.

We still have half the ceiling to go, but it will be done soon as time permits.

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