Wednesday, December 7, 2016

We've moved!!

We officially moved back around October 8th and we moved so far lol We are now in the old living room of the parsonage. There was no way we could live in the tent over winter in the church.

Of course this is only temporary, soon we'll be moving into another room and reworking this room. Plans are to work on the kitchen next, ripping up the floors and repairing all the structure. Then moving onto the bathroom area, new laundry area and spare room.

We finally got a bathroom too, even though we don't yet have hot water we do have a functioning bathroom, that we can close the doors on and turn on a space heater! It beats the church basement bathroom!

Here is a lovely group of photos to show everything that was done to just get a temporary bathroom. All new 3" PVC with a clean out! My temporary artwork for the bathroom. Test fitting the old tub but the floor/structure was so bad we had to put a beam and blocks where the skirt of the bathtub rests on the floor! The whole toilet had to be rebuilt, ever piece was rotted. A lovely photo showing the tub filled for the first time in decades!

I also had this crazy idea to move the only kitchen cabinet, into the spare room to use for out temporary kitchen. And yes it was built into place and yes it come out in pieces...It didn't stop me! I worked up enough energy to reassemble it and place it where I wanted it...Win one for me!!

So this is a tid bit of our adventure into the parsonage. We still currently don't have hot water, 240v service, gas or even insulation in the walls but with enough space heaters and heating blankets we may not freeze to death lol 

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