Wednesday, December 7, 2016


We also had the opportunity to do a but of salvage, until the mayor personally asked me to not take anything else from the property but others still can? Yes the demographics of a property can still remain with it for many years to come. So I sad "okay" you know if it makes the feel better hauling it all to the dump so be it....

This is what start it all! Well technically it was all the irises on the property that I wanted to save that started it all, but this is what we got a call about! We are good friends with our neighbor, who's mother works for the city and she was told the property was open to take what ever. I had told her daughter I am looking for a claw foot tub. I got a text saying there was on and the next day we went over!

The property was a home to a former nursery, so not only was there three houses of "stuff" there was the remnants of the nursery plus plants!!

Now I couldn't leave the farmhouse sink now could I? Everything was built around it and it had been there since the 1920's. I struggled for hours with it but I got it!!

This poor old girl is where I got most of my stuff from, it had that Victorian glam.

I debated about all the Victorian trim, it didn't match anything on the church property but it was to nice to leave and so I spent the many hours pulling it all. I then decided I will use it in the bathroom of the parsonage and possible the kitchen. Plans are to make all the renovations/modern updates blend into the property. What better then Victorian trim. I also grabbed some more four panel doors. There was a kitchen with a lot of bead board and I grabbed some I wanted to go back for more but it may not happen :( None of the windows would work here either but.....I could well enough leave antique glass to get smashed :(

Three is three greenhouses on the property and though they are all in poor shape, they are all full of pots, terracotta, grow pots, name it...all destined for the landfill :( I wanted to save all the terracotta but it was so time consuming to get it all out, into the car, and then home that I just took one car full :(  


 The property was also home to a florist as well, that little property had a ton of history attached to it but all soon will be gone in favor of an empty lot :( I am happy I was able to reuse some of the stuff and I wish I could get more but since I am upsetting to many "locals" this hippie will keep away....maybe....

We also lugged home some new stairs! This is a big improvement over the broken concrete steps, plus I wouldn't have to worry about visitors injuring themselves. These will stay here, until we rip the front of the parsonage off again, rebuild it all and start adding a period front porch.

Around this same time, I also scored another featherweight and some really moldy dressers but...

The one dresser turned out to be a stunner! These were made by the McCoy Couch Furniture Manufacturing Company.

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