Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Oh my!!!!

I just sitting here, discovering I haven't posted since Fall! Well now that its winter, I will start with Christmas photos and since its too chilly to do much of anything....I can add more n more n more!!

 Mother nature did an excellent job decorating for us! What do I need to do??

Oh that bell! She looks just as gorgeous dusted with snow....

Why yes, we do have a lot of Christmas tress as well! This is the modern one, pre lit and my did it take me hours to replace all the dozen or so burnt out bulbs!

 Can't forget about that vintage tree! This is our six foot Peco Aluminum tree, we were hoping to locate a color wheel and rotating stand but maybe next year! We also found a vintage hybrid of a poinsettia.

Yes we didn't forget about the church Christmas tree, though he may take some time to grow into a show stopper. This is our years past christmas tree, he is name Albert or technically Picea pungens 'Fat Albert' and will soon grow into a 10ft x 10ft beauty!

We have hand made wreathes too! I made three for us and then our neighbors fell in love and I made two more. I "want" to make some garland and a few spares for others but its so cold I may not be able too :( 

So this is our Christmas/Winter decor and keep refreshing as I plan to add post about what we did on our vacation from my site! Again I try to post daily updates on our facebook page below! 

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