Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Digging up the past!!

Why yes, I am still digging up bottles!! So many bottles!! Most of these are coming from the slope at the rear of the property, I am attempting to dig this all up and lay all the broken concrete/plaster/rubble in the bottom and top with dirt. Its hard to do as there is so much in that slope!


The main majority is medicine bottles, but there is marbles, buttons, doll heads, metal pieces, shoes, soda name it! I just keep filling up buckets with all the stuff.

One creepie thing I found! My shovel hit a skull!! With this being a church, one knows there may be a grave or two and I thought oh boy! I found one! I carefully dug around, looking for a clue that it wasn't and I assumed it wasn't but I still wasn't positive. Thankfully I had a confirmation that it was a sheep! whew!

When ever we get all this done here, all these bottles n "stuff" will be cleaned and we will sort as best we can into age groups. It will make a great display and history lesson!

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