Sunday, September 25, 2016

So many finds!!!

I will do a quick find post! Doing all this work, means one will uncover a bunch of stuff! The first big find was while attempting to move some Daylilly's over into the privacy garden we started.

These weren't that old and were right below the surface. Before this I opted to not dig for bottles until we were in the parsonage and out of the tent...It didn't work out that way....


About 20 feet down from where the first find was these were discovered and the same concept. I stuck the shovel in, to get a hole going for some Daylillys and hit glass. Attempting to get to dirt, brought all this to the surface...

Soon my hole started getting deeper and wider...

The next day, I brought this up! A cap gun and some sterling silver was found. The hole got really muddy and I have abandoned it for a bit...but...I am still finding stuff!!

Going into the crawl space, to remove more vines and dig for the water/sewer line uncovered all this! I grabbed a probe and probed around. That is when this stuff started surfacing. That is a 1860's Hemingray Jar.

This 1800's Pickle Jar by Dominick O. Cunningham was the last piece pulled out of the crawl space. Who knows what else is in the yard...

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So busy busy BUSY!!

With the new beam installed under the front of the parsonage, it was time for plumbing and fine tuning things in an attempt to move out of the tent. 

Had to to take a few doors out, in order to get them temporary set in, so they would close. I have to re frame many of the doors and windows but I want to do this at a later time. So for now as long as they shut and lock...I am happy!

Plumbing the parsonage, has literally been a PITA! Nothing was reusable, even the tub and toilet need to be completely rebuilt. We just want to temporary get a toilet, tub and hot water into the parsonage. Then at a later time go in and redo the bathroom area. This has been a challenge because well...look at the photos! The sewer line is Orange Burg or Pitch Pipe and when it was laid it was laid ontop of bricks n blocks. So not only did we have the normal ovaling of the pipe but it also sunk into the brick. We had to trench around the back of the parsonage, then to the side and toward the street. This just happened to be the side, where all the tree of heaven's were growing and roots! Like crazy! Then the water line was cast iron, and broke in many places as well as running under the group of elms at the rear of the property. This made us trench a 100ft trench threw roots, clay, dirt, rock and you name it! We also had to pull up a second meter pit that was installed for the shut off to the parsonage. We still need to get the PVC for the sewer line installed and everything ran into the parsonage.

I then had to say a prayer and attempt to get ontop of the parsonage. The smoke stack chimney was in horrible shape and leaking. The roof was done in 2003 and it looks like the chimney was replace but not all the way to the ceiling and thus the brick in about 2 feet was just crumbling. For safety sake I opted to take it down to the ceiling, but I left it from the floor to the ceiling for the look. 

While up there, it gave me a great view of how bad the church roof is :(

Next we started to take down the huge Tree of Heaven, we still need to get the two vertical branches down but it allow so much more sun onto the house now already. I also counted the rings on one limb around 75 years old!

Then it was time to start putting the fake paneling back up and the drop ceiling, in the attempt to get a livable room.

Then we had power!!! Well not "Great" power but power. I needed power for tools n such and so I ran a bunch or pieces of romex wiring over. We still need to work on the 100 amp service but this is the first time probably in a few decades the lights were on over there!

I also got the hankering to get the bell straight and with the jack I did! But I don't know how to keep it this way with out the straps...

Going back into the crawl space, to attempt to support the floors until we get more joist, made me have to pull out more vines and so many vines! Miles I am sure!

So at this time, we've got water into the parsonage, temporary power, a livable room and the trench dug n cleaned for the new sewer line! We also have an automatic washer now lol I got the one that was left in the parsonage working and ohhhh so nice...Our manual Maytag and automatic Maytag!

I also got board and wired up the old cross from the church. I need some 40's style blue n green Christmas light bulbs now lol

Some local visitors to the church :p 

Now I will leave you with a bunch of flower pictures!!


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