Thursday, June 30, 2016


Well one thing about buying, a century plus old property and one that use to be the church on the other side of the tracks. There is no early history, all the original attendants are long long gone and everything is a mystery...

Here is another mystery! We had thought we could see the roof was chard but wasn't positive if it was just mold or a fire. We made a larger hole in the ceiling and I was able to raise the digital camera up and snap some photos...

Yep we can now conclude with a loss of words, the entire roof was burnt and something bad! This of course adds an WHOLE another level to the restoration plans of the church. It is just a gasp and loss of words. No one knows about this, or how it happened. Some research in a few of the history of Charilton County, tells me at the end of the last century, some nasty tornado's swept threw and then there was two fires. One was in 1882 and struck the west side of Broadway and caused 20,000$ in damage roughly 500k today.

Removal of the breezeway ceiling, shows more darkening of the wood. This project, I will hint at, was not fun!

During demo and before, the ceiling had ceiling tiles on it and of course lath n plaster. This was also one of the man living areas of racoon and squirrels. So you have a ton of poo and also blown in insulation. The smell was horrible! Along with the dust..

At the end, I will probably never know when the fire occurred or how. I can make an educated guess it was during one of the two fires the city seen last century but it really is just guessing. It will add another level of challenge to the restoration as well but its something we can't even focus on, until we get into the parsonage and can start demo'ing out the church more...

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