Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bottle Diggin!!!

Well I get board, on the same project and well my mind wanders....and....well on a century plus old property there are a lot of things to do! There is a pile of bricks on the slop behind the parsonage and technically it isn't out property but....I am told the church used the neighbors property and since her ex-husband refuses to walk the weed eater to the slop....I decided I would really like to have the bricks....And walking that way, I stumbled onto old timbers in the soil....Curiosity got to me....

Here, is a map snipit from an early 1900's plat map, you can see the tiny square in the left hand plot. This is one of the outhouses I am sure and with a public structure, there would have been many many more. I found the bricks and timbers in the bottom right corner of that same plot.

Under that one timber, I opted to dig....just for a bit....and the first find was a 1950's coca cola bottle and that started it! I began to dig more and focusing on digging to the slop edge where all the bricks were...

I noticed, that in my pit....Nothing seemed to go down farther then the level of the neighbors rear yard. It seemed odd, it also seemed odd that it was spread out everywhere....So I just figured I will do a zig zig pattern and this area will be ready for a garden....Less yard to mow, and more flowers n edibles are always a good thing..

My discovers, resulted in all sorts of broken bottles, jars, crocs and even a high heel! But most of the pieces weren't around the others??

Occasional, I would find a few whole ones and some really old, like the ink well in the photo and the medicine bottles. There was even a piece of an old bitters bottle. 

It is really an odd mix of stuff and adds to another mystery....Where is the outhouse?? and where did all this come from?? Why is it all mixed together??? Probing the ground, shows there is coal, old garbage and just about everything else you can imagine all over the yard and just a few scratches down from the surface. It makes attempting to dig for bottles, or anything else near impossible. What I am concluding, is that at some point and maybe in the 50's? The are was filled to bring up the height...It appears maybe the slope was closer to the street and that it was an attempt at leveling out the plots?? It is a big mystery, and who knows what else I may find. So far its been raining to close together to make it easy to dig, but I do plan on working on this area more and see what more I can unearth....

I am still waiting on high speed internet to be installed, but as soon as I do I will be able to more easily do posts. I do encourage anyone following to like/friends/follow me on facebook! I usually do right at the moment quick posts on there, of things I discover!!


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