Friday, April 15, 2016

Restoration Pioneers!!

Well I am being called a Hustler and a Pioneer....I will call them good things! When we moved in, we found out, that down the street was a city councilman, him and the women who he was living with both attended this church. She Ms Virlea Tooley Hayes was the last Church secretary per say, and had a great love of this church. Yesterday he stopped by, I told him I need a Lawn Mower and today he delivered a lawn mower. He then started to tell me, about yesterday being his last day at City Hall and how we were the talk of that night....Oh that is never good! but he says it was all good things and he was telling them all the plans I have for the future of the property. Well isn't that awesome! Now I just need others to move on down here, the sadly tore down another 1800's era home! I was sadden! I was just saying that I really wish I had the windows! 

Let's talk Bathrooms, as this is really what I did last and I wasn't planning on gutting the whole bathroom butttt....things change....


I found out, that we have "Pitch Pipe" or "Orangeburg" as our sewer line out to the street on the house which is HORRIBLE! After checking with the city, I found out the line is buried between 8-15ft under the ground but only 2ft behind the house. So my band aid fix will be to dig back to a un ovaled joint and patch in PVC. I found out this was also the huge pipe, under the house running to the sink, that I thought was lead....I also found out, that the cast iron for the water pipes is all but rusted out and this means we need to trench from the back of the church to the house and lay down a new one inch PEX line...OH FUN!! 

Demo'ing out the bathroom, as there was now no point in keeping it together as all the plumbing now has to be redone, revealed the past and more Congnlium! This time, it unveiled something call "congowall" I have never seen this before! Also we have a nifty mid century congnlium rug...Sadly neither was worth saving, but I am thinking of now tiling the bathroom with the red color ties faked in the Congowall! I like the bright red!

First thing, I hit, as soon as the shovel went into the ground was this! And I like it! It is a clue now, as to what type of Stove's the home/parsonage once had. Now to figure out what model "Cole's" stove this came from??

Another fin find of the week, I had a lady on facebook send me a message and told me she has something to tell me about my home. I was really interested! Afterwards, she sent me this neat bit of information and it turns makes sense! It turns out the home/parsonage was painted "Haint Blue" Which was a color brought over with slaves way back when and it was a tradition in Africa to ward off evil spirits! The specific color of the home is called Haint Blue La Maison Dark.

This makes sense, if when the parsonage was built in 1890, they knew there was grave yard under it and this would explain why the whole house is painted this color. They didn't want the bad juju or spirits to float up from the ground into the home. A visit the the historical society in town, lead to the conclusion the "Black" area of the city cemetery doesn't date back far enough to the church and so it is still a possibility there are graves on the property....

And I leave you with more, vintage Wallpaper prints from the kitchen....There is also a good sample of the amount of paper, I am dealing with on the walls and as I said on facebook. I apologize to the citizens of Salisbury for littering the town with Vintage Wallpaper scraps :p

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