Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Oh LORD! We are here!!!

We made it here, on  Monday the 22nd, and boy am I over whelmed! I thought we could get water and power turned on at the parsonage, the small home next to the church....well....that is a no go! See the pictures below..

We then thought we could get power and water turned on in St Lukes church...well we got power...barely! As it turns out, someone had been busy, cutting out all the runs from the main water pipes to the sinks and toilets...So we can't even get water turned on! We found out where, the main line is coming into the church but its some sort of black flexible line...reminds me of drip irrigation line...So I have no idea how to get a shut off and piping onto that...So I called a plumber to get an estimate...The church is in worse shape see below..

So we are currently living in a tent in the church, hoping it doesn't fall down ontop of us! I was able to splice together some power cables to run to a single outlet, that we could plug in our home made power extension box and we are able to run 20 amps of stuff. Heater on low, tv and laptop power is about it. I am looking to wire up another outlet, to run the refrigerator(if works) and a toaster oven in the church breeze way.

It is freezing outside at the moment, but suppose to be sunny and warm this weekend. I am freezing cold, dirty and exhausted. I think it has something to do with the drop in elevation...

We do have a toilet, that does flush in the basement but it has to be filled manually...There is a pit in the basement, that has water in it...So we are filling a bucket, taking it to the toilet tanks, dumping it in and that is giving us the ability to flush...I guess we still have that luxury! lol 

At the moment, I am more depressed, then anything....I was hoping for more....but got less....but everything can be remedy....but we are currently stuck here....I am just hoping my partner, is able to find we have some sort of income, and maybe with luck...We'll get things rolling at the house and maybe not have to live in a tent for the next five years...Thankfully, spring and summer is around the corner and we'll enjoy some warm weather....Better to sleep half naked and hot, then bundled up freezing....

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