Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Adventure Begins!!!!

Well, I got my Christmas present!! I am overjoyed, nervous and all things inbetween now! I got a random call from the real estate agent and I assumed it was the month check up call. As I had planned to buy the property as long as it was still avaible but I have been battling disability for three years now. He always made it a point to check in with me from time to time. He asked what I could pay and I said, I don't have much at all right now. He made me a deal that was impossble to pass up and lucky he called right before my partner got paid. It was meant to be! My partner had a large check from holiday pay and a bouns. Our plans were to go to Flagstaff to shop, food and have a good time. If he had called a week later, it may not have even been able to happen!!

Its is going to be a very interesting adventure. If readers remember, we were never able to view the inside of the property and we were there back in April this year. With the property, we are not even sure if there is a toilet! 

Our plans are to head out after income taxes come in and do our best to secure the property and get utlities turned on. Then our next step is to save up enough of an egg to relocate. We will need to have enough money in hand, to buy a trailer and drive two cars out there. Then we will need enough money to live on, until my partner can find employement. We aren't sure yet, if he will be able to transfer to the town with a walmart. The main thing is though, that we will have some sort of a roof over our head.

That brings up another head banger, how do we get a roof on the church? There is sever water infatration on the church, which has lead to rot and well the longer the water is infatrating the structure the more rot that will occur. Lets face it, one cannot run down to the local home improvement store and pick up 150 year old moldings.

There is just so much swirling around my head, that I just feel that need to curel up into a ball and start rocking back and fourth. I tell my partner, that I wish we could just go rent a uhaul, load everything up and drive there this weekend. 

What is very interesting, is buying a 150 year old property that hasn't left the hands of the original AME church for that entire time! I've been talking to the title company and she has the contract but thinks the property is just a house. I said nope, there is a church and a home but one address. The contract only states the block and lot which you can see below identifys both the church and home.

So for now, we wait! The contract said the closing would be the 22nd of this month but the title company told me they are experiencing a snowball of contract and it will probably take longer. I found it really interesting that Missouri might be seeing a housing boom, maybe folks are seeing that there are many many many historical and interesting towns there. With low prices on properites, it allows folks to live a slower pace life and not running around trying find the monies to pay back a 500k morgague.

Hopefully this week, I will update the gofundme page because you never know who may want to just help. I am also going to redo my Craigslist ad about the property and then when the title is here I may try to find a grant. Ontop of monies needed to preserve the current state of the property, and updating. We are also looking for a young man who would be interested in joining in on the game plan. With my screwed up knees and legs. It is hard to do many labor intensive things. If I can find one or more folks wanting to join in and help. That would help me so much!

Now I leave you with some of the last flowers of the season..

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