Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Happy November!

Oh boy, Shame on me! For not making a post for almost two months! I feel so bad! But I have been thinking and thinking and thinking of things to post. These last two months, I was pretty busy working on my 82 Mercedes 300D. I just wanted to replace the front main seal, power steering seal and drive shaft carrier. But it turned into so much more!


I ended up having to sell my bent wood lamp, to be able to afford more parts. It turned into waiting for parts, ordering the wrong parts, waiting on a hose and having to replace upper control arms. You can read all about it in my revival thread Click here warning it is up to thirty six pages!


I was also in the hospital for a bit, that wasn't fun! I was standing in walmart waiting to get a check cashed, dropped the check bent over and had a seizure! I've been having these since I was in high school, I tried my darnedest to not have to deal with them until later on when I was in a place with better doctors. As usually they assumed I was making them up, as none of the test showed a reason why and so the only answer is I am wanting to have them.


Still no word on disability, and this has really kept me from being able to do more posts. I was really hoping I would be able to purchase the AME church in Salisbury, MO by now and be able to use that project as my inspiration. As of now, I am still broke, sore as heck and learned my left knee is now fusing together but my doctor wanted to know if a chiropractor would help...Yes oh yes! How I wish! I am sick of doctors thinking that my weight, physical therapy, chiropractors etc will cure an auto immune disorder.


I have managed to take some snap shots of cool things around the yard aka sand n rocks :p


I had bought a Stapelia with buds and amazingly they opened! This is the first one I have owned that has bloomed for me. I had one for years and never got a flower out of it. I wonder how long it will continue to bloom.






Some Visitors.





Finally noticed a flower on the hibiscus this year!



Other stuff that finally gave some flowers, Mum, Alyssum, Rose(peace), Aster and Morning Glory. Didn't get the summer rains we should get and now that we finally got that rain....Everything is coming up and will soon be froze :(