Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Welcome to September!

Boy I have been scratching my head about what to write. I have a million things going on and I can't seem to find anything neat to post about. As my life is there are lots to ramble about but nothing to create a good informational post about and face it, I don't like to complain about life or the world. We all know what is happening, where and to whom. I will just post a little summery since my last post, I did start a lot of drafts but the more research I did on the topics the less I could find to write about.

I did have a few days stay in the hospital, that was an adventure I would really not like to happen again but I fear that it will. I have Psoriatic Arthritis very bad; I am pretty much a sixty year old man in a thirty year old mans body. This makes discrimination very bad, as everyone sees me as a young man and not a person with a serious medical condition. The medication I take; Enbrel lowers my immune system and makes me very vulnerable to infections. I receive fifteen pages of warnings with every prescription, but yet no one else here can see that. I dropped in walmart and had a grandmal seizure, still waiting for an incident report to be filled out. Which lead to the er and then lead back home, then I had another seizure which then lead to a flight to a larger hospital. I was told I had a very rare infection, then it was a contaminate, then I had the infection and then I didn't have the infection....back n fourth I finally said I am leaving....but they called in a behavioral specialist as they pretty much told me to my face I have been making these seizures up...HA...yeah since high school....I just love to do it for attention...One thing I must really make aware....Don't ever be a gay man in a Utah hospital....It is freaking sickening the way Mormon's portray homosexuals....It has now been three weeks and I am still waiting for that, "oh I will call you in two days" comment from my doctor...I just gave up...

After that I then had an Etsy dispute, and well I ended up leaving Etsy for eBay. I just told myself I have to pick the lesser of the two evils and at least eBay I can make money. Soon after I opened my Etsy shop I had an item flagged as not being vintage, out of all honesty I have no idea when these purses are produced that I pick up and well I soon found out that there are unhappy members on Etsy that patrol Etsy listings with a fine tooth comb. I then had another listing flagged and removed with a nasty comment saying that this company didn't start business till such n such date. I posted in the forums asking how does one authenticate age and that a 14.95$ purse listing doesn't warrant a 75$ authentication nor 3 months of researching old catalogs to date the piece. Oh boy! That ruffed some serious feathers! Now I know after reading more threads that a LOT of folks are having issues with selling and "crafters" are having issues since etsy opened up to vintage items. Folks are simply buying what they like and stuff priced fairly....This soon became my fault...I then returned to eBay, where I soon discovered in the forums the MANY unhappy folks that are upset because sales are way down and they cannot make a living on it any longer. I learned this years ago but others haven't and well I know how to buy in order to still sell...well when I can find items to buy....I also had one of these people who "police" eBay report an item that I had mad men in the title of, turns out these two words are trade marketed and I can be sued for using them...Who knew...

I am also still having issues with the thrift stores here in town, I have discovered that even though items are priced and on the floor for sale....There are certain items I am NOT allowed to buy and certain items I am mandated to buy....I angered the lady because I refused to buy some old torn up comics and then I angered the manager by buying women's shoes and handbags. I also seem to anger the store owner next to the shop as she is suppose to be the only "certified" collector/dealer in town and I am forbidden from buying anything that is valued more then what both the thrift store n gift store knows about. This thrift store is suppose to help out women of domestic violence so I have tried for the three years I have lived here to work with them. Explaining the motto, you make me money and I make you money. It doesn't work, just the other day I attempted to buy a beat up LCD TV. I asked the guy pricing, Does it work? He said no kinda broken, I said well can I take it off your hands? I repair electronics, he said no you have to come back and speak with the manager, um okay over a TV that is headed for the trash...Could have made 30$ off me...but nope...I walked away...Today I will stop by to see what type of new drama awaits me!

Around this same time I had a good friend move out of town who couldn't take her aquatic friends or plants with her and so I adopted them all. This has taken up all my time rearranging and getting them all settled. We were suppose to take the larger fish to an aquarium store 150 miles one way but I ended up in the hospital and she then left town. The fish were at the other thrift store in town and I went in to check on them, the tank was half empty and they stated the fish haven't ate for three days! So I went to the freezer and showed them the only fish food in there, then I cleaned the filters and dumped in a 5 gal jug of water. We went back to get them a few days later and one of the Oscars was in a rubber maid container in freezing cold water on their side! We assumed she was dead but thankfully we got there just in time! We loaded them up in 5 gal bucks n headed to their new home! I took all the frozen food with us to donate to the store but the owner of the thrift store refused to let us take any of the other food or fish stuff for donations, arguing that she bought it all because her and our friend has some sort of beef going on. Thankfully all 3 Oscars n one huge Picasimus made it safely and they are available for adoption on their facebook page here AquaTera

The big reason why I was trying to get stuff listed for sale is because I was needing parts for the Brown Bomber my 1982 Euro model Mercedes 300D. I plan to tow with this car and so I need to get alot of things maintained as the car has been neglected big time before I bought it. Right now the list of repairs I plan to do is to rebuild the power steering pump, replace the drive shaft carrier bearing and replace the front crank main seal behind the harmonic balancer. I manged to sell enough to order all the tools n parts and I now have to wait for the 30 packages to get here. I plan to photograph n document that whole process for everyone. 

Another big thing I have been doing is attempting to organize my life here and all my junk. I have had that abandoned St Lukes church in Salisbury Missouri aka 110 S. Alice Ave clawing at my head for way to long and I am just wanting to get out of here, rather I have disability or not. I am just sick of this town and I don't want to spend anymore time attempting to put my energy into it. A few days ago I did more digging about Salisbury and who he was, I discovered a lot but not enough to really do a good write up. I did find out the historical society of Missouri has documents on microfiche about the church! I really want to get them but I am hesitant to spend money or more time on the property as I don't have the property in my possession. I really fear it will be bought from under me, torn down n salvage or modernized into something odd. I just don't want to see so much history lost forever but it is staying on my mind for a reason I suppose. 

I wish I had some great photos to post for everyone but all the flowers are pretty much dried up here and we have had no rain this monsoon season to cause anything to sprout. I did have one Morning Glory grow this year but barely. Even the ants seem to be struggling this year, and frankly I am afraid to see what winter will bring us. Well I need to get down to the dungeon and pack up a package to be mailed off today. Thanks for reading whom ever made it this far! I'll leave you a photo of the Universe in my hand....Well actually my crystal ball, and regardless of all you read...They don't need to be clear....