Sunday, August 9, 2015

Clutch Work.....

Well since I vowed off the Mercedes forums, I still have my cars and well they still need work. I am trying to figure out how to configure my site to have a little add on section for posts on the cars. Its not as easy as one may think and finding someone to host a website with layouts instead of a Blog isn't easy to do. That and I am not willing to dedicate my life to 4 computer monitors and endless hours of code. 
 Repair Kit....Cylinder

This repair project was labor intensive and I know a garage would charge close to four figures and then not want to repair any of the old parts. Well I don't have the 80$ for a new part and to see if a repair kit would work I had to open it up anyways. So with a huge bottle of Dot4 brake fluid and brake cleaner I set out to get dirty. 

This is for the clutch master cylinder on a Mercedes 300D Euro with a 4 speed manual transmission, this also came on the 240D as well as endless European models. I've replace the slave cylinder shortly after I got the car probably seven years ago. That was not fun! I lost all the brake fluid because of a bad seal in the slave and I was backed into my driveway on a hill! 

The issue is a grinding when putting the shifter in reverse. I had already rebuilt the shifter and replaced all the missing bushings. The next step was the clutch master cylinder, the EPC shows that their are repair kits for them part number but I wasn't sure which one I needed nor if I could rebuild this one, as there was no other "rebuild" thread on clutch master cylinders for a Mercedes. I was also confused on mine as it is a FAG 22088...Yep when it was in the car I "thought" I read it right but nothing came up. Turned out the only picture of a repair kit I could find labeled this as ABS? I can now confirm part number 0002901967 is it and the other part number 0005862929 as far as I can tell comes with the piston.

Well today I opted to go out and take care of it. First thing I did was to empty out the brake fluid reservoir and disconnected the hose that lead to the clutch. Then I opened the bleeder screw on the slave clutch. I noticed the fluid dripping out was black as night! Not good!

Then I removed the master clutch and popped it open. Oh boy it is gross! and not good! I think when I bleed the clutch, when I did the slave cylinder repair, was the only time this has seen a bleed/flush. Opening it up showed why I was having issues and amazingly not worse ones! There was so much gunk huge pieces of it!

It showed a lot of rust and varnish buildup and was a pain to remove with brake cleaner, steel wool and screw driver. I didn't want to use sand paper but it was so difficult to remove! 

I then got out the old oil can, best thing to bleed this with! After cleaning it all up I filled it with brake fluid and then I connected it to the line that ran from the master cylinder to the slave and flushed the line(out the bleed screw) till it was clear. Then I reverse bleed the system(hooking the oil can to the bleed nipple and pumping the fluid up through the clutch master cylinder); I did that until the fluid became clear. A lot of work later I have a nice clean working hydraulic clutch peddle system.

 All of the bushing/seals were still nice and flexible and didn't fall apart with cleaning too. I don't even think I will need to buy a kit but at least now I know the proper kit to buy and that the main issue was all the gunk. The other thing is there really isn't any way to flush this gunk out as the holes; they are so small it won't pass threw. Time will tell if it will hold up or if I will need to just spend the 80$ for a new one because past maintenance not MILEAGE! has destroyed this one.

I wish I could post more find or flower photos but we are in the dead of summer. We're just now seeing the monsoon season and everything but the sunflowers have dried to a crisp even with regular watering. Vintage thrift store finds are becoming super rare here too.

I do have this cell phone shot of the spider uh hum Black Windows that just LOVE my euro! I don't under stand it, the 78 never has any webs on her but the euro....ha one night and its webbed to the ground! There was even one in the door jamb...never moved or left despite driving around town....WHYYYY??? I have no idea....

As my luck would have it, I had this all write up and the internet died....and then....we had a huge storm after I was complaining about no rain....and....and....and complaining of "no" finds....I go and drag another....piece of furniture home....UGH!!!

It is a Fashion Flow Birdseye Maple Vanity, that was from an "add a piece" line and this one has been used as a desk for sometime....I love the grain....but I am now seeing the work it needs isn't worth the grain...I will get more info added later....I told myself to PUBLISH!! this before I move to another "distraction"  


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