Tuesday, July 21, 2015


From myself that is....or is it the voices in my head? I just go with the flow now....even told my doctor I think I have stigmata....my dry skin from psoriasis on my palms is making crosses develop on my left hand....but not the right...odd....I gave up attempting to figure out this connection, and I can't forget I am some how attracted to an abandoned civil war era church.....Maybe it is Jesus or maybe its just aliens? who knows and I suppose I won't find out till I reach the afterlife....in the mean time I cannot put all my faith into one person specially when there are so many good people still hiding in the shadows of this plane...

From that we get to my exciting day! Today was doctors appointment day and time to go check in with mental heath to see if my attorneys questioner was filled out....ahh that was a no surprise moment.....Can't see the Psychologist till I see a consular and then and then and then...I end up leaving the mental heath with more mental problems then I had when I went in.....can't explain to a person; that a person with PTSD cannot get help from a sex addict...they need a PSYCHOLOGIST! Well at least the doctors appointment went better, she told me this is really a good thing to have you examined once a month and looks good to disability. I agreed with her and told her that this is what I have been attempting the moment I arrived here some two years ago. Common sense would put it that a rare auto immune disease will need evaluation at least that....

Before all that fun I received a phone call about St. Lukes  I get this oh crap moment when I seen the phone number. I tell myself I will not think about this project, I have no financial anything to do this project, and then I tell myself I just need a move-in ready home but the universe always has other plans. I find myself seeing clues everywhere even when it isn't even on my mind and the odd coincidence of things from Missouri is getting scary! 

A few days ago a preservation article popped up on my facebook about the challenges of restoring a neglect home in a neighborhood that may not really want you there. I then posted about my project and how I am sure I would experience the same adventurous. I pretty much wanted to spit out ohhhh you have no idea....try coming up with this of wanting to restore an abandoned African American Church in the middle of Missouri! One that even the town folk don't know about, imagining the history that one might dig up, literally! Can be both scary, fascinating and nerve racking! 

I may not have any financial backing going into this nor anyone else jumping onto my lifeboat but we all share one thing in common and that is a good spirit! One common bond like that can make anything possible! I state this one thing "It only takes one" It is amazing what one person can impact on someone else..

After this exciting day around town I came home to hide! I figured that just because you never know where fate may drive me that I decided to get somethings listed on etsy. I figured for the sake of both the wallet and maybe move I need to get things out of here. I had a bunch of stuff photographed and ready but just never put on. I then moved downstairs and opted to sell my Feldman Co mid century chandelier that I found sometime ago...
epppp I shouldn't have taken that down! I didn't realize it was in such bad shape. I assumed I could just go about oiling it with some steal wool to break through the grime....nope....
As you can see it will require light sanding, oiling and waxing but will look nice, though now I have to wait because I need more oil n wax. As you can see the lamp is so dry that the grain is raised. Also it looks as though it has seen to many candle lite suppers as you can see burn marks. I was there is no way I can ask what I want to ask in the current condition. 
Only oiled/sanded oiled n waxed

Hows that, I am attempting to sell off items to support another large project but even those are turning into projects! Oh lord......this reincarnation thing can be a pain at times lol I was going to get ready to wrap everything up here but I can't forget that I also listed the Nitta Belting tools!


I can't forget this story that also ended today; in a bit of disappointment. We found these tools this Friday at Habitat for Humanity's restore store. I had seen the boxes and the manual in one of the boxes, I was curious as to what it was and wanted another "project". I opted to ask the price of them when another customer comes up and starts this huge scene. I thought he also wanted to buy them which was fine with me if they were to pricey for us. Well turns out he was never interested in them and the store knew they had value but selling as is they couldn't ask the sky for them. 

I bought them and took my chances. Just one of the boxes had a press that retailed for over 7500$ in 1993 and I found one being sold as used for 5500$. I then contacted the company as they also bought these items......well a phone call after the realtor called....led to what I thought....he would give me 35$ for both.......Well there goes our lotto ticket :(

Turns out he has had both in stock since 2009! This is what started this church property scratching at my head again.....we "thought" that we may be able to sell these both for enough to put either a bid in or a down payment on the property. It would mean we could save the property and eventually relocate in the coming months. We would also be able to arrange a trip to pick up another friend and then go out to the property to be able to secure it from vandals and get it set up for our move.

Well here is my summery of another wonderful day in the life of someone just not meant for this decade. I leave with more photos of items I have for sale on etsy and remember if you buy an item chances are it will go to support our efforts in obtaining this falling down piece of the past!

I am also changing the price on my gofund me page and adding some addition details.

 Hartman Suitcase, tons of purses, Curtis Jere Art
Concept Receiver, Pioneer headphones

Lots of Vintage!

Oh and we have a flower n bug show! New flowers are a blooming and new helpers of nature are out enjoying the summer weather...
 Another mystery flower and a Blooming African Violet
 Carpenter Ants, Sugar Ant and um I am not sure?
 Snap Dragons.....Wild Rose from Colorado
More Sunflowers.....First Cosmo Bud
 Pinball Gomphrena Just Planted
 Aloe Vera is one season old!
Datura Jimson Weed Seed Pod

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