Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oh the LIGHT!!!!!

Well I have to write as my hands are killing me from my attempt to move into the light! I'm talking figuratively(or am I??) that is but my hands are killing me. I am talking about the restoration of that Feldman Co light fixture that I bought some time ago. This is a pretty rare piece I can only find one other on the internet and this company is linked to work by Paul Evans.

Despite my hands killing me from FOUR hours of sanding and then probably another hour cleaning the cracks(HA!). I am still no where done and I need to run to the hardware store again! Here is the only photo of the other example. I added some other info in the post before this too with some other pics of mine. I should have taken more before photos but it is hard to see the condition from 5 feet. It became clear how bad it was when it was disassembled.


It appears this was probably hanging in someone's home since the 60s, and with the heat we see here in the summer it suffered. There were burns, cigarette tar, Old English, grease, grain issues and damage. As you see I had to break of the big guns, there was no way hand sanding(I thought) would have gotten the job done. I had to drop to a 180 grit paper and electric sander. 

Before-Sanded-After 1st oil...ITS WALNUT!! 

With a restoration you want to preserve the past but reverse the neglect. This will get the effect of something loved and will continue to last another 60 years. Also with danish/mid century/oiled furniture, the veneer is very thin and using to coarse of sandpaper not only will take away the patina it will also go right through the veneer....there is no fixing that. I always use fine sandpaper but when working on a painted or solid would piece I sometimes use coarse sandpaper but on veneered furniture I suggest against it.

This piece will still need to be rewired, detailed sanded, repaired and finally another waxing. I can tell you right now that I would rather be working on refinishing a Victorian living room then this one piece! Its mainly because of that darn PSA(psoriatic arthritis) I just cannot do detail work for long before my body begins tightening. I have finally figured out the best way to describe the pain is that of the pain you feel after a muscle cramp. This is how my body fills all the time! 

Well I better get back to this piece, I don't want it to sit to long as I than find myself looking for something easier to repair. :)

Mean while some also interesting things that I just have to share or should I say that voice in my head ;-) .....caution may lead to ranting.....

"Green Washing"
I love this "Green" movement and how amazing popular it is becoming when in all reality we are simply just using this as a sales gimmick. I love to ponder just how amazing this world would be and how technology advanced our citizens would be if we could just use our brain. 

People this is green! This is my Toshiba laptop, this laptop is an Arron's rental that never made it back to the store but rather the dumpster of the thrift store. I found it with a smashed screen and frozen from not being paid for. I brought it home and fixed the operating system, bought a ac adapter and good screen. I then had to replace the DC jack because it wore out....well a few days ago I had to replace the second one and well the keyboard died(ribbon cable being unplugged to much)....

DC Jack

AHHHH I can fix that! I bought an old Mac at a yard sale some time ago.....Now we have a fully working laptop again! Kinda funny....if you think about it.....Apple wouldn't be where they are now if it wasn't for the help of the PC guy.....just have to wonder where would we be if they joined forces instead of becoming competitors again....funny how the world works, one saves the other because with out them they are a monopoly and need competition.....what is up with the Human Male always wanting to compete...

Apple vs Toshiba

Another fun fact....If you ever want to know what is wrong with the world....simply turn over your bag of Trail Mix. Hmmmm this bag has been around the world more then Amelia Earhart (AirHeart)...And the odd thing is the only item not able to be grown/produced in the USA is the Cashews and coco beans for the chocolate. I just find it a sad sad sad day with Almonds and Grapes can no longer be produced in our homeland....

I tell my follow friends that a man is most impacted with in the first thirteen years of his life. The fact we no longer have the up bringing of love, compassion and knowledge effects all and then a boy becomes a man. The physical changes as well as the societal changes at this time as well as the emotional harm of being taken advantage of, rather physically or emotional in such a young age is far much for a most men to handle. 

When young girls display age-inappropriate behaviour, society is outraged. When it's boys, we simply shrug our shoulders, or worse, says Natasha Devon

We were once proud worries, healers, carpenters, inventors, teachers and farmers. Now we are all just broken men; lost far from our purpose to make this life count and become something strong, proud and true. It all happens to us at such a vulnerable age by people who we trust...our mentors...

The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
Regaining the trust of these broken men is such a struggle. The point is that these broken men are the ones who are running this world. In order to break this horrible cycle we are in we need to become independent and happy with ourselves.

Maybe just maybe if we accept this we can begin to teach our future a different way. Show them what "green" actually means, show them how to grow produce here, show them love and compassion. We are a species that doesn't have to compete, that we can love one an another and pass this onto our children. 

At times one hesitates to reprove or admonish evil-doers, either because one seeks a more favorable moment or fears his rebuke might make them worse, and further, discourage weak brethren from seeking to lead a good and holy life, or turn them aside from the faith. In such circumstances forbearance is not prompted by selfish considerations but by well advised charity.

 Augustine quotes 
Well another odd post but hey I love em! Besides its entitled "oh the light" Does it matter what light I have seen? I may have walked into that light and been rejected because my mission on this earth isn't complete. But then what happens when I say that light was not from the one odd white guy we all decided to worship. Do you think our actual god would have wanted us to worship his dead body on a cross? Also he did NOT die because of our sins. The sins of one is not that of all and any true god would understand that one person does NOT represent us all. Man has been killing man since the beginning for the ultimate control. We have just not seen that this is NOT necessary any longer....
 They all laugh at angry young men
They all laugh at Edison
And also at Einstein
So why should I feel sorry
If they just couldn't understand
The idiomatic logic
That went on in my head
I had a brain
It was insane
Oh they used to laugh at me
Joni Mitchell- Twisted
A boy is most vulnerable in his first thirteen years of life, not only can he be taught, he can be controlled and so societies brainwashing soon took place. Its time for a change people and it all begins with one. We need to remove ourselves from our "smart" devices and see what is really going on just down the street......

For the few who dare make it this far, I always leave with a gorgeous pictures of the life that gives us life the her beauty....... 

First Cosmo Flower....just perfect!

Be green, Be heathy, Be happy...My Brethren we will unite...


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