Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mementos of Yesteryear.....

Oh its one of those Sundays catching up day....

(Not sure what is in the reflection of the TV border...)

Like the memento's of yesteryear that some how find my eye in the oddest places, the same can be said with the past of most people reading this and well it makes one think if only you've lived the life of this item. At least with us our past and future are laid out for us. The two biggest points we cannot stray from is the fact we know we will be born and we shall dye.....two big events we can't avoid....

 (Antique silk maybe a Kimono at one time, chopped up and made into a skirt, separated the material and added reproduction fringe. Originally a alley box find! A black cat statue from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston molded from a statue called Persian cat by Richard H. Recchia (1888–1983) that he created in 1931. Found at a local thrift plus a few other cat statues)

Now think of the odd mementos and knick knacks that find their way into our hands. Ever thought what if that piece had a soul or spirit? Just think of its life cycle, never knowing where it will end up, will it out live its owner? be saved for another generation? 

(More local thrift store treasures! Stand Glass Victorian stained glass window, multiple breaks, no name...where did you come from?? Reel to Reel of Mr Jimi Hendrix found a collection I could afford at a local thrift and another one has some but sadly 80$! and they are being trashed like some of my other treasures. Hey Janis I have your shades!! I found these tossed into the bin of unwanted prescription glasses.)
Its something odd to ponder...I suppose...but just think that some of these pieces have been around for hundreds of years, have floated off from other items and have seen more trauma then we could ever imagine in our lives. We know we only have so many years on this earth and here these pieces have no idea how many years they will be here.

(Ah my crystal ball! I am very spiritual, I apologize to all in advance, there are just to many amazing men and women in our past who I consider gods n goddess as much as we see just that one man. This ball is Red Quartz from china, I lost all my spiritual items and I cruse whom ever stole them. So it was time to set out on recover when this one popped up on ebay of all places! It was bought by the last owners farther in china and brought back first class in his lap! I got it and she also sent me a bunch of crystals. The Om symbol found at an goodwill many many years old are you? A red carved lacquer box bought from the last owner who's grandmother owned it. Dings and dents tells of a hard life, obviously from over seas, how did it get here? How old? Also notice the old ginger jar? that was turned into a lamp! See that brass? that was also a lamp but was an old candle you that is the first wax it has seen in 80 years!)

Yes I do see how people can assume I am nuts relating my life to a chair but you can find out it is not so hard to do. When you find documents showing its creation, then one can figure out what type of history it has seen and boom relationship with junk is born! :)

(A Berkey and Gay Arm or Captains Chair. May very well be the only piece left of a grand multiple piece dining room set that once graced a magnificent Victorian mansion found in a thrift store in Page, Arizona)

(More vase turned lamp found at outlet store. Who are you?? A sketched portrait of a young boy pre photograph with no signatures also a outlet find.  A copy of a Jingdezhen vase with an unknown poem on it found with a cracked rim...What do you say?? A Buddhist hand symbol hand.)

(A photo of me from some years ago with one of the Kennedy papers from a collection I had and one of my RCA Radiola's. A first edition of The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God by Bernard Shaw voted very controversial of its time but just imagine what this book has seen, the people it inspired! Oh this poor cat! This guy is approaching 100 years old! He may very well be the very last surviving example of taxidermy by Jack C Miles Fur Factory

And I leave you with and amazing quote from an amazing person.

“I can believe in god but I will never accept the manipulation, exploitation and oppression of people in the name of god.” Mr. Shaw

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hello Summer!!!

Oh boy I can't believe it is almost July!! I am sitting here with so many projects on the brain that I am dreading what sort of weather next month shall bring. It has been triple digits here for a few weeks and now it appears we are seeing 105+ degrees! It is really crazy as we are farther up north and shouldn't see the heat like Phoenix does. 

Most of my time seems to be attempting to keep things hydrated; plants inside n out as well as animals inside and out. I feel so sorry for all the non native bird species that have some how made this town home and I always try to keep a fountain running so they have a drinking source.

I did end up working on a Victorian brass pan pendent light from around 1916. It appeared that all the patina was removed sometime ago so I opted to polish it all up. I then had to fix up n clean the old General Electric Key Socket. All the years of use the contacts were all corroded, covered in soot and need to be bent back into shape to make contact. My two favorite cleaners are extra fine steal wool and never dull. Never Dull is great to use on delicate materiel like plastic all the way up to steal. I recommend people be very careful with steal wool as it is very easy to destroy finishes with it.
Then on a random trip to my Cancer Outreach Store when they were having a book sale I landed a shopping cart of service/shop manuals, parts catalogs and other randomly misc books for ford and chevy. I believe I have over 60 books! I am hoping to be getting a list and photos posted on etsy with some sort of price list soon.
And as always here are more random flower pictures. The sunflowers are doing great so far too..

Even have a carrot randomly bloom from last year!
 More Bachelor Button Action!
 Tallest guy to date...All the sunflower seeds were randomly gathered from bird seed...