Monday, May 11, 2015

Oh MAY DAY!!!!!!!

Well its been awhile and I should I ALWAYS type this I seem to have been away for awhile. Not intentionally but things happen. I keep wanting to start listing again but kept putting it off. I got my second denial from Social Security the other day that was fun put me in great spirits. I did manage to get my Concept 6.5 Receiver back together after who knows how long. Then I was enjoying being over the cold. So now I will post something.

I got my second denial for social security disability this time from the judge himself. That was really nice, I should scan in the 14 page letter from SS gosh that was hilarious, he changed my sex around the 4th page and then my disease. I was oh well I won't worry let the attorney handle my case. You never know so the appeal is in the mail. That is an 18 month wait...ugh...disappointing factory number one...the chance of staying in Page, Az another 2 years....oh save me!! I was hoping for an approval and to buy the church(see st lukes). Then we would flee to Missouri..HA...Well that is on hold I suppose and then I opted to start listing again...see what happens..

So today I sit for hours and decide to get items listed on etsy, why not lets put some stuff up! Well that didn't work out. I got it all listed and then we got to them wanting checking account info. Ugh that has been froze thanks to ehell! Then I see paypal okay will try to paypal....ugh they want me to pay before I list...what ever...paypal balance isn't enough to now I am waiting...maybe tomorrow everything will be paid and verified and I have an etsy shop...lord I am

Well I did get the concept put together so I will show photos. I took a million. I have...scratch that...had intentions on selling it after reassemble...but that isn't happening anymore...I here are some of the shots of it repaired. I found it at an habitat for humanity store awhile back it was in some giant console. It had a deed channel and torn dial string. I cleaned all the switches and repaired everything. Goddess that was along!! repair.


Lets see if I have some more flower photos for you'all....

Oh we Can't forget the Sexy Pioneer RT-701 Reel to Reel*~*~*~
 And now back to listening to my haunted ipod,,,,,,,ahhhhahhha

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