Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Now on Etsy....

Just had to chime in and post that I am now officially on etsy! And before I could even post my shop url I woke up to a sale! I am really happy to have a sale this fast it tells me that it may be a lot easier to sell on etsy then eHell. 

I need to get more on and I need to get more inventory. I am sure I have a lot more misc down stairs but everything has sort of been piled on top of. I was attempting to organizing and consolidate my life before I started listing again. I want to have everything organized so it is less labor intensive come time to ship and list. 

Right now I don't have to many high dollar or interesting items listed, I mainly have a ton of purses listed. I sort of got addicted to used and vintage purses. I can usually get them pretty cheap and be able to pass them on at a cheap price. My favorite reasons for listing so many bags is they are so simple to ship and fit perfectly in flat rate packaging. As long as I keep finding them cheap I will keep listing them as fill in my shop. 

Well until I get around to listing more here is the link to my shop and some photos of a few items I managed to get listed.


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