Friday, May 29, 2015

I didn't forget....

I know I know June is Knocking on the door and here I am close to twenty days since a post! I haven't forgot about all you though, who ever that maybe. I still look forward to doing my little posts on my little ol site. I do have hope that the future will bring some cool finds, projects and just cool things! Worse case I can promise pretty flower photos!!

Last week I was really busy, the interior rainforest I have going suffered really bad over the winter because of the insulation factor of this duplex and having some odd weather. Well I lost a lot of small guys but a lot held in. After Valentines day I bought all sorts of blooming plants for dirt cheap and well some critters came along :( I had a full on spider mite infestation and I also found scale!

I had to re arrange all the plants to make spraying easier, I hate to spray the plants but I knew my home made insecticide(dish soap, chili powder, oil) wasn't going to work and so I had to go buy some insecticidal soap. Rearranging also led to me cleaning the fish pond and betta tanks.

I have also been consolidating still and I am getting there. I just wish I could find some cheap bookshelves because it would make organizing so much easier. 

Consolidating and organizing is helping me to get more stuff on etsy. It isn't going as good as I had hoped but I also know my merchandise isn't all that great. I have gotten a few things on and here are some photos and a link to my shop!

 I listed my little hubcap collection I have going, I have Plymouth, Mercedes and Jaguar. None are really worthy of a car but they are great for hanging around the room. I also listed a really cool California Pottery pieces that I found. There is even a Road Trainer by Kurt Kinetic.

I also marked the items I first listed down up to fifteen dollars off of the original list price on the items I first listed. 



We have a lot of interesting things popping up for photo shoots. I have the Bachlor Buttons, Poppy, Sunflower, Mallow, Tamarix and Bumble bees!

There is also some baby birds that are in the Tamarix tree this spring, I really enjoying watching them grow up. Just wish I could get some good pictures of them but I don't want to scare off the parents.

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