Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Traveling Sprinkler!

Well I don't know if I mentioned it here but I had a sprinkler wonder off a few days ago. I was sort of upset but it was some old sprinkler I found in the dumpster. I was more like who the heck would steal a crappy lawn sprinkler that didn't work and and annnddd we are in the desert who has a lawn?
I gave up looking and just laughed when I told people someone stole my sprinkler. I took it as long gone but today I found it! I went to take my friend to the bank and outside the bank laying near the sidewalk was my sprinkler! I was like that looks like my sprinkler then I was like wait that is my sprinkler! I was still doubtful but when I picked it up it was missing the o ring that I took out to use on the hose. Then I get home, see it has bent blades and that confirmed it!

I am still banging my head on it out of all the things to pick up this? Was there some scavenger hunt I didn't know about? Now I am wonder what other not worth enough to drag in the house stuff will walk away on me.
That is a one and a half mile journey it took. I do wish I could hear its story. 

This I believe is a Vintage Orbit Fan Sprinkler.

Other things today the wind finally stopped for a day it was very nice to sit outside and enjoy the roses. I was having fun! So I took photos they sure are gorgeous but seems last year they were more uniform. We will see when the others start opening there are a TON this year.
I said if the Cecile Brunner rose's at wal mart went half off I would buy one and well the pharmacy was still closed when I took my prescription in so I had to wonder over there. Here it is chilling in a bowl of water with fresh soil on top. I suspect by next month I will have a 30 foot runner on my hands. Must admit it is one of my all time favs, I remember this one from when I was really young every old Victorian home had one of these either climbing up it or growing out in the alley. They are pretty darn old patent is 1881.

Cecile Brunner was developed in France by Joseph Pernet-Ducher and introduced in 1881. It is a cross of Mignonette and a Tea Rose named Madame de Tartas. It was named after the daughter of Swiss Rosarian Ulrich Brünner.

Cecile Brunner, also known as Mme. Cècile Brünner and The Sweetheart Rose, is a bush rose that grows to 4 feet. It blooms profusely in the spring and then continues to bloom until frost. Blossoms are a soft silvery pink and look like a hybrid tea in miniature. They appear in clusters and have a sweet fragrance. This is one of the best loved and easiest to grow rose varieties.

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