Monday, April 27, 2015


Well I notice I have not posted anything on here for over ten days! I figured I need to post something on here before it is considered summer.

I have so many projects that I need to get to and I still want to start posting on etsy. I am slowly arranging my life and fixing up the work area to work on more projects. I mainly need to start listing as I have all but given up on disability and I need to get some parts to work on the two large projects outside.

The main reason I haven't been doing projects is because I have been stricken with both allergies and some sort of cold. Taking a medication that lowers your immune system I tend to stay sick for weeks. I debate if  I should go to the hospital but I don't want to hear the everlasting your obese diagnosis. I have now realized that is all the doctors do here is diagnose ever issue with your fat or with the latest pain killer. With a rare disease I wouldn't go a month with out seeing a doctor in California here I go six months and then its the same two diagnosis physical therapy and your obese. Oh lord let me move with in a hour drive to a large city were doctors are well educated.

During this what ever is going on, I am stuck with no energy and when I feel like I have energy it is just a momentary thing. I did for I don't know what reason post on gofundme to buy the church property(see left st lukes). I would say it is because I am enamored with the property but I think it is the other way around. Every time I tell myself I am not going to think about it any longer because I have no finical anything in the forum of a call, website or some strange unintentional thought. So here is the link, mine as well let it run until it blows over or gets re-devolped by some money hungry investor.

Besides me spending all this time randomly surfing the internet I do mange to water the plants and when I have to water I can snap some photos. It has been trying to rain here for at least 4 days and so the wind is always chilly and blowing. It makes it near impossible to sit outside and enjoy anything. I tell my neighbor I would love to redo our tiny back yard and move my sitting area into the back. The cons are more shade, less traffic noise and I could expand the garden. The one horrible thing keeping me from ever completing this project is the neighbors dogs. I compare our outside experience to that of an African safari. Why you ask? Well it's the bazillion flies that migrate from his poo piles to our yards. The three commercial fly catchers I have outside isn't even enough!

We had a late Easter egg get delivered by some odd native bird to the fountain. Imagine they needed something to wash it down with.
 Mr Lincoln bloomed for me!

The Peace is still going to town, I get complements all the time!
Chrysler Imperial? not really sure was here when we moved in.

California Poppy I planted last year is putting off a nice show.

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