Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Oh Bugger....

Well I have another death on my hands, this time it is my cousin who I believe was 27 years old. I will try to get his name and dates on my memorial page on the left. Not even two weeks since I lost jack.

I feel as though this may be a trend, I wonder just how much longer I will be involved with one to close and I appear a murderer....oh goddess that would be my luck! I need someone to write my life in the chronicles of a mad red head.... :)

He's death was the result of AIDS/HIV sadly he would have lived if he would have just listed to doctors and took the medication. I even had more then one talk to him about HIV knowing more then one person who had it and/or has lost loved ones with it. Sadly he and a few others wouldn't listen to me and I eventually just gave up.

I told him there are days I wish I had HIV instead of this Arthritis crap. In this day and age a person can live a long and heath life with HIV, wheres as mine being genetic has no cure.

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