Monday, April 13, 2015


Well it is one of those days, I really need to post something on here and I really should post something intelligent/informative but my mind is in an odd drift. My brain has been going a mile a minute for a few days now but it is sort of all over the place.

Before cooking
After Meringue
I made more bread pudding a few days ago, the first batch was ruined when a Pyrex lid dish fell out of the cupboard and shattered everywhere. I finally got the second batch completed and that is where that lies. I never made it with Meringue before.

I have bashing my head in trying to figure out a way of making money again. Not able to work because of the fatigue, pain and crippling effect of this damn arthritis is a PITA. I just need to find a away to make money but I then remember if I get any sort of job how will I get medical? I will lose my county medical even with a part time job and how do I afford the 3000$ medication I need to postpone the crippling effects? 
Oh hey anyone want to buy a 4 month supply? I would then be able to buy that church property to renovate(Heritage Gardens) :) Its a brain teaser for sure, I think I have figured something out to make money again and not involve eBay, disability(fingers crossed) and medical. That would be to get an apprentice type figure that I could mold into a business partner. Thus having money to take care of stuff while they can make a percentage it won't effect anything for me as it will be shhheeeeshhhh secret!! Under the table...
Then as I sit here with my computer browser(Firefox) and after every fifth word I type it freezes! Between "Not Responding" and me enamored on the church property. I end up finding myself with twenty-five tabs open researching the cheapest and "greenest" way to do repairs/maintenance. I swear I am buying one of these a Speedheater™ IR Paint Remover . I told my buddy he is lucky I am broke or there would be one ordered now. I also said don't be surprised if you see me randomly around town stripping paint from homes, trim and furniture lol I learned a heck of alot about Clapboard siding and anything else I am looking for. I get a great history as well as the design and proper insulation techniques of what ever I am researching. I also learn about the great craftsmen who installed these items. Then I watch "How That's Made" and discover how they turn plastic bottles into we um "Evolved"
Then I also did some landscaping on this rental I really need to stop doing work on something that is not mine but I just get sick of looking at this yard. I believe this is punishment for all those times I screamed about how much I hate those homes landscaped with lava rock instead of grass. If it was done correctly it wouldn't be so so bad but when they use plastic as weed barrier it is not going to last. 
 I spy a cigarette bud..
My neighbor which I used as the Before photos(Blogger is horrible at photo arranging and forget adding captions) has let some high school kid move in and well everyone smokes in high school now. Its like all those ads for smoking back in the 60's talking about smoking and everyone complaining about how the ads are enticing kids. Well sorry folks they are still smoking cigarettes. I must have picked up at least two dozen buts from our yard from them flicking them. It irritates me something bad so I confront the guy and told him off. I even told him that I purposely put a bucket on  his porch for them. I made the point like hey tell your roommate to stop it or I will be cutting off his hand! Well today I found two more. My buddy tells me I need to tell the young'ins about it...oh joy...My big concern besides them never decomposing is them setting off a brush fire in the you can see in the neighbors yard...

Now I am just here, did to much work....wayyyyyy to much work so now I have to pay the price. But I do have more flower photos. At least I still contribute to this! I am also working on a way to get some items listed for sale as I do miss passing on finds to other people. Oh and a photo of my home made fountain for the birds...I seem to rearrange it every few months do to weather, fat birds or cheap o pump..Oh and humming bird moths are back!

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