Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Time Friends!!!

Its Easter Sunday and its only natural to brag about spring! This year being the second spring here I get to watch my friends return. It appears it has been encoded in last generations children that this guy has sweet flowers lol

Besides the birds which can get a bit madding as they know I have seed plus I get the expensive song bird mix for the small canaries and finches plus I modified my feeder to allow longer roosting areas. I found out that when they don't get fed they go after my birdseed I planted in the ground for the sunflowers as those seem like a non fail flower here. Then the next day I see only green sticks with two tiny leaves in the ground.

The butterflies are my favorite! This year I have two huge swallowtails they are my favorite but we also have hummingbird moths that I quite intriguing but they come later in the season. This is also the time of the black widow I am already noticing one car being webbed to the ground it always makes working under them really fun. We had one that over wintered inside and she was getting bigger....then yesterday Mr. Socks decided to eat her! I hope he doesn't come down with spider powers all I need is a spider kitty. 

Its also the time for new blood in the town usually in the forum of tourist but sometimes I get lucky and meet young blood from the area that have came out of the caves for work. I meet a really awesome young guy that is renting a room next door, his job is working for a guy pulling weeds and I was shocked that he knew about weeds!! He is a young guy and I can't help but wonder now can I be a mentor to him. I would love to teach him about gardening and landscaping. Plus if he was interested enough I could help lead him into an amazing career.

I do meet alot of younger men in this town that are troubled from one reason or the other. I can see they are very intelligent but most have just given up. Many people don't believe men can have "issues" but they do trust me! Its just society thinking men are suppose be "tough" and they aren't able to show emotions.  

The problem with a lot of younger people here is they have gotten in trouble with the law and now must pay restitution. Well with that "judgement" they can not leave the town. This is horrible because how can one better themselves if they are forced to stay in a town with 0 career opportunities and no public transportation? How is one suppose to travel 150 miles one way to the "large" city or 300 for the national city for a career. Its sad and I am always happy to meet someone with out these "limitations".

He reminds me of myself at that age and yes I know 30 isn't old enough for me to start mentoring. But with a crippling disease I can only see my lively hood live through others I am able to teach. He is out there pulling weeds and it reminds me of my first job working absurd hours while trying to go to college. I was making 7.25$ an hour watering and maintaining plants in 24 hour fitness, office buildings and more offices. That ended up leading to a 25$ an our job when I was in my young 20's plus I did pick up a lot of knowledge.

Here sadly there is no room to grow from pulling weeds to anything else that one could use their intelligence on. Also on a job like that you always have to worry about an illegal immigration taking  your position. I honestly wish I had the means to hire this young man for an employee. I can tell you it's not easy to find anyone that knows "weeds" are technically not a plant. This is why I am wanting to start that heritage garden(link on right) because this property would give me a hub for my "business" adventure.

It appears spring 2015 here in Page is turning out to be really amazing and for me too. I blame it on all the freakish snow storms and rain we got. When we moved here there was only a few mustard plants and one of the drunk owners relatives sprayed them with weed killer. This year there all over the property!! I leave them as these butterfly's and other insects love mustard to lay eggs and larva on. I have signs up and hope that nothing on the property is sprayed or chopped down. The trees are also doing amazing like my roses because I have been here to maintain the property; also I regularly purne/shape/trim them. I am just really getting sick of rocks and the young man that moved in said he was also. I was OMG I found my twin lol

Here are some photos!!! 

 Can you find the bug?
This guy is Jack, we got him on a walk over a year ago. This family has been inhabiting this cactus from the beginning! They are called Cactus Bug - Chelinidea vittiger

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