Friday, April 3, 2015

Alternator Phase III Assemble

First I have to say, I thank all the Mercedes Gods and Goddess that this is done! I should stop thinking that any 30 year old anything is going to be fast and easy...

I started on the slip rings, I didn't have a lathe and so I had to do it the po folk way! I used a combo of a dremel, sand paper and files to smooth the slip rings as best as possible. 

While doing that I noticed the insulation on wire was near gone. That could be a very nasty sort. So I wrapped it the best I could with heat shirk. You can see it on the left photo on the right. I then had to redo the coating on the rotor. I used lacquer.

Then I had to go over the stator. Cleaning, sanding, cleaning, sanding and finally painting. I went blue.

Next it was time for the electronics all the wiring insulation was toast and had to be replaced. All the diodes measured fine.

The new regulator came in too

Well time to assemble and get it on the car

 Well lets see if it works! Ah yep perfect!!! Time will tell if it will keep the voltage steady. I got a new battery and well its almost a year old June 2014!! So I am sure it needs to ideal for a bit to build up voltage. I will keep an eye on it over the next few days.

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