Monday, March 2, 2015


Who made my chairs?? I cannot find anything!!

I did more deeper digging these last few days, as the freezing rain here has kept me in front of my "fo" fireplace. I have just been searching around and I found some more neat stuff.

Where the heck do I find reproduction Samsontex? 

 I found this ad, but later found out this was used in another ad for a different chair!

So this leads me to think it was a marketing stunt. I thought that if this many chairs were ordered some must have survived or there must be some legal BS floating around. So I decided to dig through patents.

I will try to go by age here first and links to the full patents below.

1936 Folding Chair Link 
 Patent covers the "spring" cushion

A cool patent for their arm rest 1928 Armrest Link

Patent for the brace Link 

Looking through all this stuff, I see that Shwayder Brothers had multiple designers working for them. I seen Charles Eames, John Adler, Herman Miller, Russel Wright, John Clarin, and even Knoll!

 To wrap up, I can now safely say I have added some extremely amazing value to some modern pieces people have picked up at thrift stores! And with the other hand, I just provide that Russel Wright did not design all of Shwayder's chairs line called Samson.

Now who made my chairs?? My conclusion is they were just designed in house, with patents that were held for certain designs. Thus they did not have to apply for a patten on this style chair.

To the Life Magazine Archives!!! 

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