Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What’s in your HEPA Filter…

 Well here is another dumpster treasure a Holmes model -----(adding momentary) floor filter. Being in the basement I wanted something to help clean and move the air around. This worked but seriously needed new filters, of course none of the LED’s came on. I also see it has an ozone generator…hmm fun! So I opted to buy new filters as I knew it still filtered air. Of course I wasn’t going to put filters on it, not know where it has been in the past 12 years. I also wanted to tinker with the board and see if I can get it working.

First we have to tear it down and scrub everything big time. You can see all the crap that has been growing inside this thing! It appears maybe someone thought it was a dehumidifier at one time? Hard to say.

The motor is in just as bad of shape, surface rust everywhere! I cleaned this up with emery cloth with 3in1 oil. It worked very well and should keep the rust at bay. Notice the GE motor! Awesome cool, sticker going on work lamp..HAHHA..Oh and the last two show you, to always mark the way things are assembled scratch/mark the areas.

The electronics need to be gone over, I thought that cleaning the controls, and the ozone generator would bring it back to life.

The ozone generator was filthy, all cleaned up and showing the brains of it.

Well cleaning the controls didn’t work, so I figured I would swap out the capacitor with a mega overkill cap, it may have a high value but it would work. But it didn’t work, still no led’s. So I will see if I can find a schematic to help figure out voltages, they did an excellent job labeling which components go where but no voltages on the board. 

Now to the cleaning! Men who don’t use baskets, aren’t men at all! J Oh and being in the basement, the area to clean things, isn’t great……so…….to the washing machine!! Hey don’t judge, I have hot water, cold water and a place for all the small parts to fall and won’t get lost amongst the rocks outside. PLUS it fills with water to conserve, PLUS I can just spin it all out and I can find any parts/screws I may have forgot!


Now we reassemble!


Next filter time!! Let’s see what is in these expensive filters (got my knock offs on ebay 15$) I am thinking I may be able to build my own! We see the paper can’t be reused and there’s a couple mystery liners that appear can be washed. I later found out…melting the hot glue off the frame, burning my fingers with it…that the filters just aren’t worth the pain to try and reuse/rebuild.
Round up notes, I totally put the grill upside down, way too many screws in this thing! I should have used a pill container and label’s, electronics still don’t work, discovered a few broken plastic mounts, may recycle and find a better candidate.

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