Friday, March 13, 2015

Ugh.....So MANY Irons in my Fo Fireplace

Oh man, shame shame shame on me for not making some sort of post on my blog/site/soapbox for so long! I will call this a simple summary of all my irons that are in the fire place heating up!
As I said in a past I am vowing off eBay selling, and moving my stuff to Etsy on March 1st. Well that day came and went, I removed everything from ebay aka eHell and haven’t listed anything more. While that iron was in the fire, another one jabbed me.
Both I and my partner are getting really burnt out on this town and I have also been back at my mother’s for way too long. This town really wears on a person, it is fine for about a year then it is just presses repeat. To less our stress and give us some more personal space we opted to relocate to the basement of the duplex. This required us to move our room down two flights of stairs!!!

As this iron was in the fire, another came to bite me! All of our moving was causing the basement to look like something from hoarders! This caused another iron to jab me. I decided that since I was both planning on moving hopefully to Missouri, and I am moving to more specialized selling on Etsy I would down size. 

I decided to get rid of a ton of stuff that I just don’t need or stuff I was just wanting to save. I have been making numerous trips to the local thrift store I work with and filling up the recycling can. As this iron was out, the other iron of us relocating our life to the basement was jabbing me. As we moved more stuff down to the basement, more organization needed doing and I was running around mad just trying to organize and consolidate everything. 

There are also other irons coming out every now and again. The disability claiming is always jabbing at me, just wondering what is going to happen. The iron called Mr. Socks! I am beginning to find out that a black and white cat, is 100% worse than a pure black one! He has secret tunnels around the basement and all you can see is a black dart and the sound of a bell. Then if you’re lucky he runs head on to something. I still have the Iron of the Silver car too, I need to get that alternator finished up, rust repair and get a battery for it. 

Then we have the current irons that I am just now starting to face. On the 23rd, we have decided to make a one week trip to Missouri to look at the church property in Salisbury that I talk about all the time. More details are in the link Urban Farm. With this Iron I have to both plan the trip as cheaply as possible, and gathering all the information on St Lukes Church figuring out who I should contact besides just the realtor and historical society. This will be fun, but I am sooooo nervous we don’t have the money for an offer, I don’t want this to be a useless trip, and I just want to save the place….so many mini irons with that! Oh and then we have spring coming!! I am now taking care of the yard that I have sort of adopted here, and all the potted plants I chose to make last spring. 

This is my summery of my last 10 days, and all the irons that I am juggling. What makes all these irons harder on me, is the arthritis I have. It just makes my window of working so limited! Then if I have to do a lot of climbing, the window gets shorter, it is really a horrible thing especially of someone my age. I miss being able to completely do over a small front yard in a day. Now it takes me weeks! I then have the dark secret of having epilepsy, it runs in my dad’s side of the family. I know I have it, and I have since I was in high school. I just keep it a secret from everyone, the black outs, seizures and all the other odd effects. It has been a long time since I have had a bad seizures but a night not long ago I had one of the large ones! It was the first one my partner has seen happen, it freaked him out and him attempting to wake me just made it worse for me. This one was so bad, that it took me a good week to recoup from all the effects and muscle cramps.

I am hoping to get some more interesting posts on here as soon as the irons get hot enough and far enough spaced out to allow me to type. Right now I am going to attempt to arrange a bit down here, and start on another iron! The dryer stopped heating again!! So now I have to get cracking on arranging so I can pull the cover off the drier for the third time and attempt to find the issue on a 40 year old dry oooooohhhhhh joyyyyy.

I do have photos to share! I managed to get hung up another dumpster/alley find. It is a mohair crushed velvet drape.  I want to say it came from the theater but I am not positive, all I can positively say it did have 40 years of dust build up! It took a washing and multiple vacuuming’s to get it clean but I do like it! Also adds to the insulation down here, also goes great with some of my awesome mid-century Retro lighting. 

Here are some more random photos, some of Mr. Socks, a trip and some x V-Day Flowers


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