Friday, March 20, 2015

To Salisbury!!!

I suppose first I must state that we have internet again! Whoo hoo I will make sure to place the modem in safer location. 

The big news floating in the air here, is that we are going to Salisbury, Missouri! Yea I know 95% of you have no idea where this is. Even I have no idea how I stumbled across this town. well I should just tell the truth and state that it found me. I had seen a gorgeous home in Missouri sometime ago that I really loved. It had mature fruit trues and in amazing shape for its age. Even with drop down ceilings, paneling and shag; the original woodwork was unpainted. That was on eBay and it finally sold in the four figures. I had talked with the seller assuming they may want to work with me but being an investor all they seen was money signs. I then decided to search Zillow to see what else was in Missouri.

I found myself falling in love with Missouri, tons of history and fertile ground. Those two things are what I am most interested in. I always begin my searches with lowest first because said to say that is all I will be able to afford in the future. The main point of this, is that I want to own a property out right regardless of where it is or the condition. My theory is, it is a roof over my head and that I do not need a modern masterpiece in time for summer vacations. Most important is a small town with tons of history, nice fertile lot and a simple well built structure. I am big into antiques and restoring a property will be an amazing opportunity to show my work on a large scale. It will be an experience that I can learn from and share with others. The result will be something amazing that will last another century!

That is when I seen a church for sale that came with a home, on a corner lot in small town America. The more I searched the more I found, the more intrigued I became. Seeing the property on Google earth from when it was first incarnated showed me it has been on the market for many many many years. 

This was no surprise, seeing the economics of that town and there isn't much big employment opportunities  anywhere close by to net high paying jobs to add to the economics of the town. What I seen was a hemp production part of the world, that once made so much money on the production of this fiber that it was the first Detroit. Once cannabis was made illegal to allow the cotton industry to thrive the town when down hill slowly. Just as has happened through out the course of history to many many towns.

When I started digging in the depths of Google books and digitized books from Universities. I found the name of the church, where it moved to, when it was electrified, when both structures were built and even what type of chairs were in the church! I found Steuben tax maps that showed me that the property/streets/neighbor has virtual been unchanged for 160 years! Even the bell still appears on the property! 

I ask myself how can I become enamored into a property I know full and well I cannot afford and may well be called condemned? At the end of the day, I have to tell myself it found me! I now must continue the path to this church, sounding similar? I found a church instead of God, Lord the spiritual world leads me on some odd paths. :)

Now comes our trip! My partner has gotten a week off of work and has a good amount saved up from tax return time that we can take a road trip. Boy odd how things are working out! It turns out we have plenty of money for fuel and since we took a 6000 mile trip almost a year ago that we know how to run this road trip! We will be sleeping in the car, getting a motel when we get into Missouri so that way we can relax and clean up. Check out the link below for photos and the info on our last trip. We did it in two weeks and this will be a 2300 mile trip in one week...I believe we have this covered!!

Just the little I pull up on the MLS listing, it appears it is a foreclosure and who knows how long it has been in this status. I have that feeling that this is a calling from the property and that is why I just need to go with the flow. Plus a road trip is always fun, looking at the red rocks of Arizona everywhere gets old after awhile specially since I was born in California. 

I cannot wait for us to get there, it really is going to be fun! I have no idea what may come out of this, or where we will go from this. I know I have to try to keep this property from being razed and I can make it so amazing! All the time I spent in California, doing so many landscaping projects has gotten me prepared to take on something this big. Plus I cannot forget to mention, the time I have spent since I was around five watching "This Old House" will pay off big time!


 The main thing I am taking from this; is that I will be able to photograph the property very well. Then this will tell me what needs to be done and where I stand. I personally am going into this knowing full well that the property will need everything from a water line to a new roof. What I plan to achieve is to show people, that you can do all the work yourself. The most expensive thing in any project is the labor, it is possible to find local organizations or people who need a roof over their head to exchange labor for room and board. It is very feasible and easily achieved with out a trip to "The Home Depot" to grab illegal immigrants. It takes a knowledgeable project leader and manager to pull this off though, as you can count on your volunteers not knowing anything about what they are getting ready to embark on. 

Wish me luck! Now I must go and prepare, as I have a lot off odd ball things to accomplish. I will post more as we go!!!!

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