Thursday, March 26, 2015

Roof Safety!!

Well we are in the motel just R&R'ing before the big drive back. We were hoping to meet with the realtor and get a view of the inside of both buildings as well as photos. I got a message yesterday that he won't be able to make it out of the city. Bummer on our part but no big loss its not like it is being torn down/auction/salvaged and I did make contact with the last pastor. soooo I just need to sit on my hands and wait! Its not an easy thing to do when your eager like me I can tell you now if I had the money we would be there at the property doing a mad 24hr make over lol

Being broke like I am all one can really do is research and it isn't easy anymore with the way google just uses photo hosting sites for its image search. I am sorry but I know I am a rare breed but I like photos as well as written commentary. This way I can see how its done and figure things out I suppose its because I am mechanically minded and as long as I can see it I can fix it. 

I keep searching because I can't physically do anything to something I do not own and well face it we are not local. Relocating what little we have and having my buddy transfer his job is not a 2 hour event though I wish it was. I suppose I am just afraid to have something happen to the property. Because I am from California originally and I can tell you any empty building rather historical or not will be vandalized, destroyed and burnt to the ground because someone "thought" they could start a campfire in it. I can just picture someone backing their truck in and loading the bell on the back and being gone in 30mins. I seen this first hand back in California with military cannons as the town I lived in had a huge military history. One person backed a truck into the military part of a local cemetery, hooked a chain around a canon and pulled it out of the ground never to be seen again. All the bronze plaques were also stolen and scrapped from around town. 

In attempt to keep my mind on something else I decided to look at repairing things and what supplies will be needed. Since I have physically seen the property I can now start a list of most important things to do first and things that can wait for a few years. 

The most important thing is to seal both buildings and attempt to slow down or stop the infiltration of mother nature. The hardest one and the top of the list is the roof on the church. There are literally holes big enough for a kid to fall through in the roof! With several layers of roofing, this project is a very dangerous one but the roof needs to be tarped badly!

With a high pitched roof and without any idea of how rotted the substructure is this is a serious life threatening chore. Hints the quotes that start off in low to mid six figures and that is not counting damage to the framing. Maybe falling through the roof wouldn't be so bad lol but its something that I must take into account with wanting to save such an old structure. So we must now look at safety equipment in the forum of roof anchors. At minimum safety for anyone going on the roof we need a anchor, harness and rope as well as a minimum 12ft ladder. It is say 12feet from the ground to the eve! This makes replacing the leaning foundation wall a walk in the park!

Now that I know how to safely work on the roof I now have to figure out what to use on the roof. I want it to be original but originally it was surely cedar. The main thing I have concluded why I don't want to use cedar is that cedar shake is made up of old growth trees. In this day and age I just can't see using cedar as there is more advanced materials on the market that will look the part and save these forests.

Then I get to the not wanting to use more toxic products and so looking for a recycled type materiel is challenging. That adds another issue recycled aka green roofs are pricey. Why? well that is how the world works. I want to make this project as sustainable and long lasting as I possibly can but I don't have the gold n platinum cards to afford this "green" technology.

There are also two other reasons I want to use something not so nasty on  the environment. I will be producing so much trash from this project. Things that cannot be recycled as in the asphalt roofing, fiberboard siding, vinyl siding, drop ceilings, LOTS of interior 70's paneling and lets not forget almost 5000sqft of old carpet! The other reason is I want to turn the property into a garden and make it as organically natural as possible. A lot of these green people are unaware that their gardening habits may be green but their collected rain water is full of toxins. People don't understand that the run off of roofs even natural cedar is toxic and cannot be used. Remember I talked about the great well on the property? Whats the point if I plan to introduce more chemicals into the ground water. 

Okay its settled we will go with a standard metal roof. There are so many options but the majority of my feelings are that I want something that will appear original. I really wanted a shingle/shake roof to mimic what was there. The consistence is this, 

Cedar Roofing because old growth cannot be harvested any longer for shake the younger trees are not tight grained enough to last as what was originally on this home. I then was opting to go get my own shake bolts/blocks where I could confirm they were only obtained by fallen old growth trees and thus making my own shake/shingles. BUT I would still need to treat these with chemicals to confirm long life and less maintenance. Since this is such a large and steep roof this just needs to be crossed off.

Composite Shakes or metal shingles. These are pricey very pricey AND because they are so dark they will cause a heat up of the inside of the church. As you can see there is no attic in this church so the heat would always be in the church. I then read that composite roofing had tons of law suits around five years ago because it would turn to mush.

Metal Roofing was my other choice besides cedar but because of the length of the roof the panels would be very pricey. So I opted to look into other products. This is a good roofing material that has been used for many decades in forums of tin, aluminum and steel. So I know this should out last both of us and give the church a chance at another hundred years. Plus it can be coated a light color to reflect the sun and thus lessen heat build up. The biggest con, is that it isn't what was originally on the roof and in no way looks like cedar shake. The pro would be that we would not have to buy plywood to build a deck and tar paper it to create a foundation for a new composite type product. We can just repair what needs to be repaired and lay the metal over it. 

Of course I am really planning to far ahead, but I enjoy what I do and this is knowledge I can use even if we don't get this property! My thoughts are that hopefully, fingers crossed that we can locate used metal roofing from a barn or home that is being razed. This would be fantastic as it would already be aged to match the age of the church, it will be recycled and it will save us a ton of money.

One HUGE plus on this property is that the roof on the home is newer and looks like there isn't many layers underneath it meaning it should hopefully last for another 10-15 years. This we will gutter and run to the sewer to keep run off from sending toxins into the property.

Boy I do have fingers crossed, toes and a shrine built to every god n goddess I can think of for positive energy! 

It was also funny we were sitting here thinking that the town doesn't even have a grocery store! That should be important to people but to us its another adventure.      

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