Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lost a Dear Friend....Continuing on....

Well today has been a horrible day. I woke up at 4am to a whole bunch of odd calls, it was the hospital calling to tell me my friend(brother to them) has passed away.

It was a totally shocker! I just had a conversation with him and all the people about his release. He suffered from a few not life threatening diseases and the same arthritis condition I have. This is how we meet, we also soon found out that he was pronounced dead the same time my partner had died a few years ago.

He was the one we did the last big trip for, to bring him to Arizona from Michigan to help with his heath and spirits. All was going well until August when I couldn't wake him up. In the hospital they found out he was retaining fluid big time, months and months later they finally figured out what to do to stop it. He had lost 200lbs!!

When we last talked he was happy that he walked 200ft. We were all set to pick him up early next month. We were going to help him recoup and I even took his scooter to the work bench for a rebuild.

Its very sudden, but his body did suffer badly over the years. He passed in his sleep just like his twin sister had some time before. I had to contact a brother as I just was not sure what he has setup in my name, any of his account information to retrieve funds and we have no where near enough for a cremation.

We are continuing on with the trip tomorrow, he was really looking forward to moving in with us and helping with the restoration. He had always thought it would be amazing to live in a property like this. He was going to be a big support of this and now I will need to re-figure out a plan of attack on the property.

I am still in shock and will miss him dearly. I am at the moment where I am happy, angry, sad but thankful. I just hope somehow the brother thinks enough of me to keep me in the loop, as I have his twin sisters ashes here and I believe they should both be brought together.

He would want us to go forth with this plan, take this trip and just have fun. He will be with us in spirits, just because his vessel is gone does not mean he is gone. He wouldn't want us to set here and stew over his death, he would like us to be happy. This project will also help us remember him.

Every event in life is meant to happen, it is meant to continue you on your path. Every test comes with a reward, only you can chose which direction you take.....

I will post his name and the school he worked for encase any students attempt to locate him, there will be a bread crumb left. I will try to get that up tonight.

Mr. Jack Lee Warfield  May 26th 1955-March 22nd 2015

I am going to do my best to try and post years but I can post the places I remember him telling me where he worked. He was a teacher for ITT for many years, He was a manager of Hollywood Video, He was also a Projectionist for a local movie theater, he had also repaired ham and radio equipment.

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