Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Its Spring Time!!!!

 Who's the Pansy?

To settle my nervous after attempting to drive with people from all four corners of the world I come to my little piece of green. Sadly springtime doesn't last long here maybe 3 months max it is a harsh environment and with the coal burning power plant plus artificial lake it makes the weather all sorts of odd. I tell people mark Page Arizona off your pages! Right now as I type I am inside watching a dust n wild storm. Its freaking AMAZING but it shouldn't be happening here we are way to far north. 

I'm just tankful I got some nice photos before it started I never know what might be left after one. All I can do is go spray water after the sun goes down to rehydrate foliage. Guess the universe is telling me to GO IN and work on that alternator lol I really think the ol silver girl just wants a wash job...never own a car that is named after a women they are sooo picky :)

Here are some my photos!
The Christmas tree Fat Albert 

The Roses They were here when we moved in, in horrific condition. This is round two with proper food, pruning and shaping!! One is a Peace other are unknown red and yellow on own root stock.

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