Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hey Dorothy...

Could someone let her know, we found Todo? But I fear he has been turned into a cat named Mr. Socks!

 If you haven’t noticed by my dry humor, we are in Kansas tonight more correctly Topeka. We opted tonight to get a motel room, I myself wouldn’t mind the car again but I can see why my better half and cat aka child are better off here. 

We are really close to Salisbury and tomorrow we will be there in a few hours. Plans are to first drive there and check out the outside of the property and photograph. Then Thursday we will meet with the realtor and get a view of the inside plus details. It also gives us time to investigate the town. I am pretty nervous about the whole thing, personally I am ready to move in now but we don’t have the funds. It is more or less how will a small town accept us and our future plans; Will they mind that we are looking at a church but not religious? Will they be upset that my other half is the same sex? All this and more keep going through my mind. 

This morning we made it through Colorado but last night we stayed in a little abandoned railroad town called Eads. At first we were driving around civilization, then by the end of the day we were in the middle of nowhere and in a long forgotten small town America. A time of railroads and small communities that spring up alongside of them. 

It sadden me to see so many structures with so much history just abandoned and forgotten. I can see why mainly because they are so far from larger cities. But then I also know the other reason and that is real estate pricing. I can attest to this, when we opted to stay in the small town as it was getting dark out. There was a larger newer motel in town and I figured it will be cheap with it being in the middle of nowhere. We asked at a local gas station nearby and it was 75$ a night!! 

I suppose it’s the tourism that drives the reality prices up there with certain mainstreamers needing to “have” these ruins of yesteryear. We then opted to sleep in a park n rest type area, the lady at the station was nice to tell us about and the bathrooms are open all night! That is all I need!

It was a crazy night! Not only are two 6ft full grown men attempted to sleep in the car we also had our “Todo” aka Mr. Socks. I swear he is part two year old and part dog. He would just sit in the window and meow because he wanted to go out. The entire drive every time the car slowed down he jumps on my shoulder and starts meowing assuming we are stopping. If we don’t listen to him then the 2yo comes out and everything gets torn up or he just goes nuts!

We then had the weather to deal with, the wind was crazy to the point it felt as though we were in a boat. Then the rain started and HARD. We did get asleep but it wasn’t easy.
The main thing with this trip is that there are miles and miles and miles and miles of nothingness. Then out of the blue some odd small town that I have never heard of. If it wasn’t for seeing lights and newer vehicles I would swear not one was inhabited. 
Another issue came with the odd weather was monster tumble weeds and family of tumbling weeds. It was crazy the wind was so strong that they were coming at us at 45mph. I was trying not to get one in the radiator that did happen earlier. I pulled over for fuel and had a 1in think trunk branch of a tumble weed stick into the radiator. I was so lucky it just bent some fins and didn’t put a hole in it. Talk about a horrible place to break down and in a foreign car! I could see me trying to find a radiator. The weather also gave us pea sized hail on the road that had me preying to Garfield on the dash to not to have any glass break on us.

The clutch/shifter is acting up now and I am concerned but this has been happening a bit in the past as well. As a band aid I had made my own bushings to use for the levers on the shifter, my feeling is that one may have jarred by a tumble weed. If I give the shifter enough movement it will finally unlock and go into gear with some horrible grinding. We will see tomorrow, what it does this also happened on our 6k trip but after a night of cooling down and rest it was fine. 

We are now in a Motel all cleaned but I must admit this Motel 6 is really run down. It reminds me of the welfare/crack motels of California but without the crime and it’s actually clean. It is really just beat to hell, I think this bed was around for the Flintstones. Well I need to stop jarring and curl up, I am not use to “time change” ohh and it looks like there is a Starcrack close by for hot coffee tomorrow…wooo hooo…

Here are some other misc photos of the journey.

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