Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Its Spring Time!!!!

 Who's the Pansy?

To settle my nervous after attempting to drive with people from all four corners of the world I come to my little piece of green. Sadly springtime doesn't last long here maybe 3 months max it is a harsh environment and with the coal burning power plant plus artificial lake it makes the weather all sorts of odd. I tell people mark Page Arizona off your pages! Right now as I type I am inside watching a dust n wild storm. Its freaking AMAZING but it shouldn't be happening here we are way to far north. 

I'm just tankful I got some nice photos before it started I never know what might be left after one. All I can do is go spray water after the sun goes down to rehydrate foliage. Guess the universe is telling me to GO IN and work on that alternator lol I really think the ol silver girl just wants a wash job...never own a car that is named after a women they are sooo picky :)

Here are some my photos!
The Christmas tree Fat Albert 

The Roses They were here when we moved in, in horrific condition. This is round two with proper food, pruning and shaping!! One is a Peace other are unknown red and yellow on own root stock.

Monday, March 30, 2015

JAVA and Research!!!

I promised myself I would finish my alternator rebuild today so I can get that thread finished and I can get the ol silver girl on the road again. As she always wants to be pampered, she really is a cranky ol lady. Though like any ol grandma she gets where she has to go with all her age spots and leakage but it may just take awhile lol

I admit I get all my knowledge even how to read and write by researching. Since I was really young my two loves have been antiques aka ol junk and horticulture aka green weeds. They are what has expanded my education. In school I experience how curl the "real" world really is and how no one loves one another any longer. I picked up my dis respect for society in all those years school taught me what I didn't want to be. It also showed me that there are others like me and school for us will be very tough to get through. We tend to dwell away from our passions in an attempt to "fit" in mainly because we just want to be left alone. Very few of us ever make it into our 30's because of that. If we stick with our passions our future can be so grand but when we are young it is so tough for us.
I remember when I was in elementary school I had some amazing teachers and friends! I use to teach so many others my age and younger about my passions. I became a role model to a lot of kids younger then me and me at such a young age. I wish to this day I was old enough to carry these people on through life they were such great souls and spirits. I remember we would go out into the playground and I would gather wild things aka weeds to bring back to my desk. I would have all these odd living green things growing around my desk and in the window; It was great! Then I would get the teachers that didn't value my gifts and wanted me to go main stream. I remember one teacher who wanted us to bring in a flowering plant for science. I searched for an actually plant that had a flower, leaf, steam and roots all on one plant; I was so happy to find one! Then I went to class but the flower wasn't big enough for her plus she made us tape them to construction paper and hang them on the wall. I thought we would allow them to grow and learn from them. It really did hurt me at such a young age. 

Around that time I became a "loner" I didn't want to share what I loved with anyone else because others just couldn't respect what I loved. I am intelligent but just not in the mandatory teaching programs. Unfortunately our educational systems aren't capable of handing certain gifts that the universe be-stoles on a select few of us. We are shunned upon and stuck in certain "special ed" areas because our intelligence can not be understood. As I became older it gave me the ability to research, with researching I found that I was not what all these people labeled me as. I instead have amazing knowledge in certain areas and these should have been treated as gifts and not curses.
I was lucky to have been in that generation that really didn't see the birth of portable electronics. In that generation we really didn't have Internet so we couldn't just Google. If I got something new rather plant or antique I had to physically research it. I never learned what I wanted to know in school so I had to find the books and the people for my research. With the researching I learned how to read, write and spell just by researching. If I wanted these to be my passion and lively hood I had to learn the lingo aka "English" and that is an added bonus of research. With researching you get to see how all these fancy "English" words are used. It seemed to me that school was where I went to learn the "way" of life in the "real" world. In order to have fun in school I would just pretend it to be my big science project lol besides America's schools haven't changed since 1959.

Researching pre Google was really great and rewarding. There is nothing like actually having a physical copy of something rather then digitized on pixels. When I was younger I would hunt down any books/catalogs/magazines/newspapers on anyone of my passions. Being younger it was a great free source of hours of research and fun. I found out one could learn real history by just looking through Americas junk. The magazines, newspapers and catalogs offered so much knowledge for me of times that were lost. My saying is, "If we forget our past, We are doomed to repeat it" I also must not forget about PBS and local channels back when I was younger. These were my favorite shows of the day This Old House, Victory Garden and Antiques Roadshow. As a visual learner those shows taught me so much when I was younger.
Even with all the pain and rough spots of my child hood I must admit that period in time was decent. It was the birth of the internet, before it became all social media and virtual this n that. It was a great time for researching as the internet was a great source of knowledge. There were forums I joined, seed exchange sites, eBay, and digitization!! I was able to find so much information it was just over whelming growing up with these passions. Everything I could learn and I didn't have to physical search the four corners of the world for; It was a great time. 

I blame these passions for making me so enamored with that run down abandoned property in Missouri. With all my heath issues at such a young age that very few people have and that many people including the government believe I do not have life is hard. The only things I have to draw my energy from all this crazy mess is my passions again. Using that property as an inspiration is what is helping me at the moment it allows me to have my coffee in the morning and research all the interesting stuff about it! Its so physically and emotionally draining doing working on your mothers rental with what little energy I can muscle. I really do enjoy what I do and I am lucky I can continue to do it.
1897 Sears Roebuck Co
I will stay on with my morning research and coffee, every morning! If the heavens want to shine upon me and grant me my disability I will be buying that property. I can then go fourth with my passions as long as I can and hopefully be able to inspire so many other people. 
You are your own person and as the poster says HANG ON you are unique and that will pay off for you!


We need to get out of this state ASAP! I was just telling my buddy that I really can’t wait to get to Missouri as I really want to get more educated doctors! I am hurting something fierce, my hands are cracked and I had three seizures last night! And get this I am still waiting on Disability. It really is horrible I never choice to get a rare disease or have it at this age. Because of my age everyone looks at me like I am lying and/or faking it.

 I just canceled my appointment on the first with my rheumatologist as I am tired of her attitude. Whenever I see her all she does is tell me how “if” I go to a physical therapist this will happen or “if” I lose weight that will happen. It’s the same thing with my doctor, I spend a half n hour every time fighting with both the doctor and nurse about physical therapy. Finally the doctor finish readings what he wrote about me and we move on. Then when I need a specialist I must drive 150-300 miles for one and be told my insurance isn’t covered for this. I finally just said F it.

I sit here wondering about the decision, wonder what do I do? I don’t want to go and attempt to get help from another un knowledge doctor here. The really sad thing is I know there is nothing a doctor can do for me, this will just get worse and worse and worse with my age. Yet I still can’t get the little bit of money I paid into the government back to help me. It all boils down to proof and what they consider a disabling diseases. I have one that is hard scribed a disabling disease and that is PTSD. Though the judge is shooting that down and saying “if” this didn’t happen it wouldn’t have caused my PTSD. Well mister I think “if” anyone knew something like this would happen they would sure as try to stop it! Then the other disease that “isn’t” documented is the psoriatic arthritis and that is too rare to be covered! WHOOO HOOOO

That is why I just don’t want to waste what little energy I have left to get the evidence I need to state to the court of law that “I AM #@*& UP”! It is just an endless circle of non-sense and it is driving me mad! I had that glimmer of hope that I wouldn’t need to bank on this to make “green” to live in this world. My friend Jack that just passed was a really good friend of mine, who helped me through a ton and I mean a TON of stuff. We had such great plans that he was going to be coming home this week, we were going to get him better and then move to Missouri. When I talked with the nurse just a few days ago they were talking about paying me to help him. We were all ready to put an offer in and move out to Missouri this summer. With his untimely passing, we still decided to go forth with the trip, have fun and just see what happens. It was fun! We meet so many nice people, seen an amazing property and meet the last pastor! Well via phone but it was awesome!

Now we are back and back to the grind stone. First thing I did when I got home was water all the plants and check on everything outside. Today it was take care of all the house plants, grocery store, laundry came with having to put a new coil in the drier, and clean ourselves! Then we get the catch up to what is going on in this town and Arizona AAAnd I know horrible to say I had a hamburger and fries. I did not expect to stumble across a motel room in a town where one could buy fried chicken and fried fish at a gas station!!!! I have not had such good stuff since my grandmother passed and back in California. PLUSSSS it came from a gas station I mean here one has to specially order it from some god awful strange restaurant. This is why I say horrible as I, well should I say all of us eat way to much fast food on a trip.

That outing showed us what is to be expected this year with the freeway back open from the collapse that was like a year or more ago. All the rich and rude tourist are back and oh lord the foreign ones. Let me tell you when they go into the local stores they have to photograph everything!! That leads us to our next outing to the grocery store and prices are all back up its literally a huge ugh…I know it’s only a short time before I am handing out directions from my front porch. Now it’s time for the paper and this is what I see “Phew or Pew? State Sen. Allen Wants Mandatory Church” I look to my buddy and say we need to get out of here!

My first thought is WHAT? I mean what about all these people including myself who have faith in higher powers but it not being one particular god. My person choice is in the mother earth and all the things associated with her. I know people have strong connections to many different gods and goddess. Why do people have to do this? Why does there have to be a standard on everyone? This is why I am trying so hard to move back to a place that has suffered so much it hasn’t let anyone attempt to take their freedom. This is a will be a place that I want to spend my last days rather that be 3 years or 30 I want to go to a place that will cherish the things that I am still capable of doing and a place where we have professionals who understand that not every medical condition can be cured by weightloss.

It has been quite a spring for me and it is going to continue that way at least into April that I know of. It saddens me that I lost another good person this spring. I spoke of my grandmother she is another that I lost in spring on Easter Sunday. That was very tragic and I won’t get into the horrific cruel details. Yes in my short 30 years I have lived through a lot and I am still forced to live through a lot thanks to medical conditions I had no choice in. As was said by my grandmother “Come Hell or High Water” I will not stop doing what I love and I will not stop trying to help others. The reasons on why I have been dealt this is anyone’s guess. I personally think it is some odd curse from some odd gypsy that one of my redneck ancestor’s upset lol I will still go on and try to do whatever I am able to do!
Mother earth has help me so much through my life by showing me that no matter how tragic the event is that there is always rebirth! This one little article in this paper makes me scream “HOLY JESUS” because well the blunt answer “What is wrong with people?

PPS Just spent 10 mins answer 35 questions to have my 3000$ a month medication shipped to me from Ohio. Lord I miss the old days where I could pick it up from the pharmacy. But I look at the good side I can now brag that I shoot up more money then a crack junky lol! PLUS I have a ton of portable coolers to build a cool non disintegrating fort. Oh lord I need coffee...
I now leave with a photo of my car in Colorado.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Roof Safety!!

Well we are in the motel just R&R'ing before the big drive back. We were hoping to meet with the realtor and get a view of the inside of both buildings as well as photos. I got a message yesterday that he won't be able to make it out of the city. Bummer on our part but no big loss its not like it is being torn down/auction/salvaged and I did make contact with the last pastor. soooo I just need to sit on my hands and wait! Its not an easy thing to do when your eager like me I can tell you now if I had the money we would be there at the property doing a mad 24hr make over lol

Being broke like I am all one can really do is research and it isn't easy anymore with the way google just uses photo hosting sites for its image search. I am sorry but I know I am a rare breed but I like photos as well as written commentary. This way I can see how its done and figure things out I suppose its because I am mechanically minded and as long as I can see it I can fix it. 

I keep searching because I can't physically do anything to something I do not own and well face it we are not local. Relocating what little we have and having my buddy transfer his job is not a 2 hour event though I wish it was. I suppose I am just afraid to have something happen to the property. Because I am from California originally and I can tell you any empty building rather historical or not will be vandalized, destroyed and burnt to the ground because someone "thought" they could start a campfire in it. I can just picture someone backing their truck in and loading the bell on the back and being gone in 30mins. I seen this first hand back in California with military cannons as the town I lived in had a huge military history. One person backed a truck into the military part of a local cemetery, hooked a chain around a canon and pulled it out of the ground never to be seen again. All the bronze plaques were also stolen and scrapped from around town. 

In attempt to keep my mind on something else I decided to look at repairing things and what supplies will be needed. Since I have physically seen the property I can now start a list of most important things to do first and things that can wait for a few years. 

The most important thing is to seal both buildings and attempt to slow down or stop the infiltration of mother nature. The hardest one and the top of the list is the roof on the church. There are literally holes big enough for a kid to fall through in the roof! With several layers of roofing, this project is a very dangerous one but the roof needs to be tarped badly!

With a high pitched roof and without any idea of how rotted the substructure is this is a serious life threatening chore. Hints the quotes that start off in low to mid six figures and that is not counting damage to the framing. Maybe falling through the roof wouldn't be so bad lol but its something that I must take into account with wanting to save such an old structure. So we must now look at safety equipment in the forum of roof anchors. At minimum safety for anyone going on the roof we need a anchor, harness and rope as well as a minimum 12ft ladder. It is say 12feet from the ground to the eve! This makes replacing the leaning foundation wall a walk in the park!

Now that I know how to safely work on the roof I now have to figure out what to use on the roof. I want it to be original but originally it was surely cedar. The main thing I have concluded why I don't want to use cedar is that cedar shake is made up of old growth trees. In this day and age I just can't see using cedar as there is more advanced materials on the market that will look the part and save these forests.

Then I get to the not wanting to use more toxic products and so looking for a recycled type materiel is challenging. That adds another issue recycled aka green roofs are pricey. Why? well that is how the world works. I want to make this project as sustainable and long lasting as I possibly can but I don't have the gold n platinum cards to afford this "green" technology.

There are also two other reasons I want to use something not so nasty on  the environment. I will be producing so much trash from this project. Things that cannot be recycled as in the asphalt roofing, fiberboard siding, vinyl siding, drop ceilings, LOTS of interior 70's paneling and lets not forget almost 5000sqft of old carpet! The other reason is I want to turn the property into a garden and make it as organically natural as possible. A lot of these green people are unaware that their gardening habits may be green but their collected rain water is full of toxins. People don't understand that the run off of roofs even natural cedar is toxic and cannot be used. Remember I talked about the great well on the property? Whats the point if I plan to introduce more chemicals into the ground water. 

Okay its settled we will go with a standard metal roof. There are so many options but the majority of my feelings are that I want something that will appear original. I really wanted a shingle/shake roof to mimic what was there. The consistence is this, 

Cedar Roofing because old growth cannot be harvested any longer for shake the younger trees are not tight grained enough to last as what was originally on this home. I then was opting to go get my own shake bolts/blocks where I could confirm they were only obtained by fallen old growth trees and thus making my own shake/shingles. BUT I would still need to treat these with chemicals to confirm long life and less maintenance. Since this is such a large and steep roof this just needs to be crossed off.

Composite Shakes or metal shingles. These are pricey very pricey AND because they are so dark they will cause a heat up of the inside of the church. As you can see there is no attic in this church so the heat would always be in the church. I then read that composite roofing had tons of law suits around five years ago because it would turn to mush.

Metal Roofing was my other choice besides cedar but because of the length of the roof the panels would be very pricey. So I opted to look into other products. This is a good roofing material that has been used for many decades in forums of tin, aluminum and steel. So I know this should out last both of us and give the church a chance at another hundred years. Plus it can be coated a light color to reflect the sun and thus lessen heat build up. The biggest con, is that it isn't what was originally on the roof and in no way looks like cedar shake. The pro would be that we would not have to buy plywood to build a deck and tar paper it to create a foundation for a new composite type product. We can just repair what needs to be repaired and lay the metal over it. 

Of course I am really planning to far ahead, but I enjoy what I do and this is knowledge I can use even if we don't get this property! My thoughts are that hopefully, fingers crossed that we can locate used metal roofing from a barn or home that is being razed. This would be fantastic as it would already be aged to match the age of the church, it will be recycled and it will save us a ton of money.

One HUGE plus on this property is that the roof on the home is newer and looks like there isn't many layers underneath it meaning it should hopefully last for another 10-15 years. This we will gutter and run to the sewer to keep run off from sending toxins into the property.

Boy I do have fingers crossed, toes and a shrine built to every god n goddess I can think of for positive energy! 

It was also funny we were sitting here thinking that the town doesn't even have a grocery store! That should be important to people but to us its another adventure.