Saturday, February 14, 2015

Vacuum Cleaner Reassemble...

Well the Bissell is now all back together and off the kitchen table. Now lets test it out! Rebuilt one on the left one working but needing disassemble on the right.

So it works just like new, but looks to have been through world war z :)  Yes that is duct tape, the foot switch is busted so I simple moved it out, taped it and works just like you would expect!

Lets see how it does on a hundred plus year old Turkish rug, it is called a floral Bessarabian rug. Found at my fav thrift, they thought it was ugly..shesh what ever!!

The mess is from out favorite fur-balls!! So lets see what it pulled off the carpet, hmm not to bad I think!


 Here is the tools needed to clean the filters and container. So simple; what 3$ worth at your favorite dollar store!

So this is my dumpster to home rescue! Granted I wouldn't give it away in this condition or attempt to sell it but it is great for home use, and since I have two this one will be the basement cleaning device...check the next thread my gypsy retreat!!

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