Thursday, February 12, 2015

Vacuum Cleaner Autopsy!!

First thing I have to say...people CLEAN out your vacuums!!

So I do kind of have an evil secret well two, I dumpster drive and I have a thing for fixing vacuums. I am going to confession next Sunday over it. I have discovered in this tiny town one thing more horrible then murder is digging in the dumpsters!

I have to say I don't dig into the dumpster but rather I go through what I see on top and only certain dumpsters. A part of the confession is how I somehow know who's dumpsters are the best and which destroy the most of their merchandise. Its sort of like modern archaeology. I blame all this on all you! Forcing me into dumpsters to find nice cardboard boxes to ship off things :P 

My thing, is something I remember from elementary school, it may be that the town I grew up in is steeped in history and I was born with a green thumb. The movie the odd life of timothy green comes to mind. So the saying Reduce, Reuse, Recycle stuck in my head big time. 

I am lucky or have been lucky to have made really good friends with so many managers and owners of thrift and antique dealers over my life. It gave me the opportunity to practice those three words. They were always so happy to give the stuff to me as it freed up dumpster space and less stuff to pay to have hauled off. I would always work out something and either donate time to help with items or pay a little for items to show them I was never wanting to use anyone. I just wanted to recycle, plus the learning experience from fixing junk really had its rewards in money and knowledge the one thing you cannot put a price on. 

I remember I even got to be really good friends with the manager of local pawn shop. After I went to the thrift stores, I would stop by and spend tons of time with her. I learned so much about that business and all the electronic crap she gave me that was broke or outdated was awesome fun. I then use to help her fix things that need to go out on the floor, I remember one day saving her tail as they loaned on a macbook or ibook it was sometime ago and it wouldn't start back up. I was able to get it going again and save them from having to dish out the price for a new one.

When I came here, I had nothing so I decided to do my dumpster diving to see what I can save, figuring it would be even better then California as the town was so small. I went out and searched for stuff, found lots of cool junk to mess with, make a few bucks and most importantly I was saving the stuff from the landfill. WOW did it go south, even after I pointed out the laws in Arizona regarding this activity and I was doing nothing unlawful. I still got grief, even to this day after I opted to give up saving trash I still see the anger I caused so many people by going through a dumpster. Soon all the dumpsters were paddocked, fenced off or monitored like a bank vaults. Many stores I don't go into as employees literally want to stab me for going through a dumpster that belongs to the city, that is on public property and the employees have no ownership of the company. I personally feel so bad, for causing so much anger among people from taking home trash to recycle. I never thought society could still be like this!

There was only one thrift store in town, when I came here called The Family Bargain Center. For the longest time I thought it was related to the discount merchandise chain in California. I tried for well over a year to work with them, trying everything I possible could to be able to get to their stuff before it hit the dumpster. Where I would then feel persecuted for saving books, dog ashes, family photos, ipods, camcorders, TVs, vacuums, microwaves, glass, china, GOLD jewelery, kids books, kids toys, NEW clothing and much much more. I would just bring it home and stuff it in the basement until I could find someone who could use it.

This is when the Cancer Thrift Store that I quote in all my auctions and on here multiple times came into town. As soon as they opened, I knew they were different! They cared about the items! AND AND they were happy to have me as a friend! I could soon dive in the dumpster with no ill effect, buy things from the metal scrap pile. Find so much cool stuff on the shelves with reasonable price tags!!! And and they didn't have employees or volunteers that got first dips on what ever they wanted to take home. I am glad this place has opened here, and the donations go to help with cancer patients. 

For their amazing positive energy they give me, I decided to donate everything that I have saved from the dumpsters, stuff I am not able to sell on eBay and well stuff I just hate to throw away but has little value. Its great for me to have this, and be able to practice those three words. Plus they appreciate me! All I ask!

So then we come to the vacuum cleaner addiction! I personally love Kirby vacuums but I don't like the bags and in today's world the filtration system of the older Kirby's is pretty bad. I like to remove dust, not move it everywhere else. When I clean, I want both the surface clean and the air. Why I have lots of plants inside and water features. It helps to clean the air.

With my dumpster diving, I have came across all the brand vacuums you could possible imagine, it gave me a good learning tool. In my autopsy, I got to see the worst possible conditions for these vacuums to be used under. With some elbow grease aka cleaning, it would show me what wears or tears on a vacuum and yes even them fancy Dyson's suffer this fate. I have a Oreck down stairs, on its last screws with no paper bag in it and it will still clean the floor. The old metal Kirby, will suck up the tiniest washer to a quarter. But with these they leave lots of dust particles floating around. Which is fine for the work areas but not the living areas.

This is when I discover Bissell Vacuums and Shampooers. No matter what the shape they are in, no matter how badly they are treated. I can clean them, replace the belt and have a fully working vacuum cleaner again. The filtration system is great! It still needs cleaning and I clean mine out after every vacuum but this guy can get packed full of dust in dirt and still suck up crap.

Even the hoses, can be trimmed down to remove a tear and threaded right back on! And get this, they are the cheapest vacuums available at walmart even the top model sells under 100$.

You can see that newer vacuum cleaners these days are all plastic and have very little metal or electronics in them. A simple Phillips screw driver will take it to bits and then all the pieces can be happy washed in the sink OR dishwasher!!

I have two of this model, so it makes for easy reassemble so it is easy for me to assemble. Remember that the manufacturing technique of today is faster faster and cheaper. So many screws will be identical as multiple different screws or amount of will take more time to assemble at the plant.

Oh and I also have not bought any new filters for these, they can all be washed over and over again. Well lets get to photos.

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