Sunday, February 8, 2015

This Little Boy......In a White Dress.....

How does one explain the Universe to one person? That there is another "higher" power that we just cannot see. Jesus was just a person, a good person for sure. But whom born Jesus? He didn't just show up in human forum. The Universe gave him to us, as well as all the greats! And I mean the Greatest Women in History some of my Favorite, just right for this month! Is Harriet Tubman born Araminta Ross she gave us so much on her sort time here barely making it to her century mark. I love her last words

 I go to prepare a place for you.


She was also one Gorgeous Gal!!!!

Then on the opposite side we had one of the Great singers Ella Fitzgerald!

Boy was she amazing, her voice! Like no others! Is it possible that the universe created both of these great women? Or are they one of the same? Well it’s damn possible I say! For all the amazing work that Araminta gave humanity the universe decided to re birth her as Ms. Ella Fitzgerald! Thus letting her be rewarded for all her hard work! And well Laughing it up!

All I like to get at is that Jesus/God whomever else society has pointed out; there is a higher power that brought them to this earth and placed them in their human forms. Science has shown us that our nervous system is controlled with what is easiest to describe as Electricity! Well where does that come from? For sure not our home outlets!! The same thing creates the amazing light shows in the sky; Lightening! The universe birthed us some amazing men whom knew how to harness this amazing light. Like Tesla. Einstein, Steve Jobs etc. In an attempt to show "society" that we are all connected by this amazing light. If one is knowledgeable enough to harness this into DC electricity you can create and empire from your basement! Just like the wait for it....Apple Empire!!!

Before one can create his empire one must be born! Then when we are born onto this earth we need to be taught!! Not given a tablet, circumcision and some "odd" DNA test. We need knowledge and physical knowledge!! We need to be taught about what this amazing gorgeous round thing in the sky can give us. We then go off into Society, where we lose this amazing sense that there is something more in the universe then just us. Society then teaches or should I say modifies all these senses into fiction. We’re also slowly matured into some horrible negative person and then adapt to the "Box" life and soon we are zombies like in The Walking Dead. 

Very few of us manage to keep this sense of something greater in life! 

Most of us hide it or simple turn to society ideas of this “feeling”. Most of us can't see that the energy that created humankind has never left this big blue ball in the sky. Get out of that box society put you in and go see the beauty of this big blue ball in the sky! 

We just have to hold onto love and faith. Then soon the universe will bless you for talking the efforts to accept this higher energy. 

Items can speak for themselves! It’s up to you to find your energy again and realize this "Power" is all around you and has been around humankind since the beginning. The clues are everywhere; you just have to learn how to see them!



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