Saturday, February 7, 2015

They Luckiest Day of my Life....

Well I feel it is! If everything the universe has so graciously given me over the years, and the pain she made me feel was all to strengthen me. Then today is the day I so grateful dedicate my like to the Goddess we call the Universe.

  I have that strong feeling that I will soon be the proud owner of a 160 year old church, with that I will be able to focus on the many many many dreams I have had over my three decade's here. My struggle will be over and I can then dedicate my life to living outside that square. I will then so graciously be able to help others who have struggled my same struggles!

Will this be my Luckiest day every? Or will the universe toss another curve ball? 

All I have to say, is beware the fortunes you get, because they may just come true!!

Because in the end, who am I to question the Universe!!

They Luckiest Day of my Life....

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