Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Red Shag is ROLLED!!!

Okay, another confusion of dumpster diving is finding AWESOME carpet! The furniture store in town use to put what was stripped out of homes near the dumpster. Well now I don't see that anymore another wonder of Page, Az.

This is period RED SHAG. That was loaded with everything from birdseed to pennies! Literally it was like uncovering a 60's time capsule. Thankfully no hippie bones came falling out :)

It was one odd rectangle, you could tell there was another copy of it that was missing. I spent the cold days before spring, cutting this into two pieces and shampooing it!! yes it did freeze a few nights. But luckily it made it through, next was multiple rakes, vacuums and shakes. Then it was time for the duct tape and rubber cement. I used the duct tape to fix tears that was in it and I used the rubber cement to coat all the edges to keep it from unraveling. Well a year later and both pieces are still hanging in there! Now you know why I need multiple vacuums! I love vintage crap BUT I am not boarder line hoarder lol 

So after the other half got home, we brought the bed down and kitty and kitty stuff and I am 10feet under!! Ha I LOVE IT it is also a very nice 67 degrees down here and 52 outside!

I have my surround sound vintage DUMPSTER style!! God its nothing compared to the like 25k system I had pre life changing event Mcintosh Electrovice 5000+ records and reel to reels! Miss all that and curse all you to the deepest darkest parts of hell for stealing it all from my home!

So I promise to bring down the camera with the "flash" to get better photos but some how the fuzzy pics add to the vintage basement cool effect! Yeh I am so back to 60's America! Free LOVE...

Oh OH OHHHH I am sort of making friends with psycho bob!! I feel good about that, I can tell he has had the smelly end of the stick when he was younger and I would love to just talk with him! Sometimes, you just have to wait for that person to come to you! Its taken nearly a year, but he is seeing something in me to put down the testosterone shield. 

Oh and YES I am so copying the Maxwell Cassette ad! That is a Scott big dog Silver face receiver, pair of Boston Acoustics A200 an some interesting infinity tower speakers.


View from bed. Yes real vday trash roses!!

Work Space Needs Some Organizing!
love this LAMP
Oh and chances are that ^^^ Rug I nailed up is some multi thousand dollar lost Native American Woven rug :)

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