Monday, February 2, 2015

The Day Before That DAY

In order to get my mind off of tomorrows disability thing we came to Flagstaff, AZ a day early and got another room at The L Motel on Milton Rd. Lucky my buddy just got paid last week, so he had money for a room and some fun. As it stands I am a nervous wreck and sore as can be!

Its a great time to be in Flagstaff, it is still a crazy hectic town that is worse then Berkeley California! It is, as I tell my buddy, the infrastructure of this town is not meant to hold this many people. For me it is good though, it provides less tourist, cheaper rooms and less crazies where as Page is crazies all the time kind of place.

This day was quite interesting, very big punishment for throwing so much out into the universe I am sure. So Sunday, it was sunny. Yes totally play on words there, so I opted to go spend the day outside in the sun. This lead to me doing so many odd jobs, from dropping my alternator, sealing the windows/doors on the duplex to sweeping the side walk. Lord I hate sunny days :) I had to move over everything from the silver car to the brown guy. This is what is seeded those "other" projects lol I must now state, how much I am paying for doing those projects. This is what started the day before that date relaxing visit. Remember this, I want a slow day of me sitting on rocks and tree stumps away from the noise.

I am on medical marijuana for the PSA and also now I hear is okay for PTSD and I do like to be open about that, as I see no issues with it. Last night, I got all the "need to take" items in one location. This morning I put all that is needed for that in a small sized bag. We then loaded up at 8am as well as moved the cargo rack over and off we go!

I then decided to stop and rest. I decided to look for the bag and put it in a more safe place. We can't find it! We both knew it was in there, but it was no where. I was so upset, so I called back home and sure enough it was left in the driveway. How the heck? How did we not see it? We moved the luggage rack. I then say I will stop by the dispensary in Flagstaff and I will see if I can get something really cheap. I have no money to spend on this, but I do need it to help with the pain. I opted to put no more then 20$ out.

We get there, and wow! This place is very nice, bright, clean and the people are so nice! It is called the Green Pharms Dispensary. In Page we have The Kind Relief, the people are very nice but the place is sorta dungeon designed. Sort of spooky, people are very nice, prices high and not a great assortment of utensils. This place, oh wow so many many many goodies, so very very very bad for my 20$ max limit lol. I ended up with a nice piece and enough medicine for a week. For Amazing under my budget! Oh and they have an ATM and Credit Machine!!! The Kind Relief had all theirs "seized" and are not able to get anymore. I also ,some how, just received a duplicate payapal card, that I didn't ask for....related???

Then it was thrift store time, my fav fav fav past time hobby, that doesn't cost me a fortune...well a fortune now but still umm "affordable". My least fav thrift is the Goodwill it has also been and always will. I suppose it is because in California I had spent so much of my life in them and knew so many managers and I am talking this started in my single digits! I got to know how bad of a corporation they are, the way they hire gifted employees for "grants", etc. Today besides the OMG they want what, you know the 50$ LCD TV with a bad panel, the 999.99$ Dyson something or other and there was a few OMG 399.99$ Items. I am always like WOW all these things are donations, and this is what they ask?? plus they do not mark items down, the go to the "outlet" stores...then overseas...boy what a business!!

I did find this, it as you say called me to it? From far away I thought it was some odd World Market replica. Scratching my head, I can't figuring it out, is it a photo? Old? Original? I then slide it under a light and seen the glass was hand blown, well its old. It is 39.99$ which is EEEKKK for me but it was 25% off and it is old. After I pay for it, I take it into the sun and I can see that it is NOT a photo but a sketch! There is soot under the glass and that it was an extremely pricey new and OLD. I am hoping when I take it apart to clean and preserve, I find more clues. As it stands, I say it was in a higher end home, its old 100-150 years old? It is a boy dressed as a girl with a cowboy hat and cowboy boots on. This tells me OLD as this is how both genders were dressed to a certain age. I hope I can find some hard evidence on it!
We went to the Flagstaff mall and to our new fav place to eat. Mainly because of the women running, oh my the main one! You better run and hide, she is very, very, very, convincing and yes will FEED you. She is a great women, with great spirits around her! I told my buddy, go give her my card and ask to take her photo and I will add it here. So you know, when this site becomes famous she will be too! Plus I can hire her as my cook, well scratch that...I didn't say that! I will say weekend cook, so I have some in between time to work things out and go fatten the chickens up with the lefts overs :) I do really really enjoy high spirited people and the ones whom can see I am just being funny and not criticizing, that is what I do at the Goodwill lol If you go in, its not hard to spot, it is the only joint in there with latin flare! It's called Filiberto’s Mexican Food. Here's her photo

So now that it is almost one, the big That Day thing is just about here at 11am. I am so paranoid about my disability hearing...

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