Thursday, February 5, 2015

So Long eBay!!!!!

Today is the day, my sold items have been sent and tracking added. 

eBay will NOT even allow me to edit prices on my auctions for a fire sale!!

So what items I can edit will be edited with this in the fine print area.

Since ebay has froze my account, and will not let me list any items for several days. Do to me selling unauthenticated handbags. On March 1st all my items will be removed from their site and I will be selling with Etsy under the name affairwithvintage. I ask that other sellers follow me and on March first remove all your items and being listing with etsy!!! Please view my website below for updates and everything good!! Since I own that site, no corporation will ever moderate me again!!

 Prices will also be slashed dramatically as it says above, on March first all my items are being removed my name changed and my account will only be used for buying!!

I don't think it will happen, but you know I am telling the world. And I would LOVE for other sellers to join me, even if you need to relist your items in a few weeks. On March 1st pull all your listing, teach eBay that we the people are the reason why they are who they are!!

For those who don't see my eBay link it is here 

Give me till tonight to get everything wworked out on my account and items!! 

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