Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saving a Monster...

Well, in the rental duplex we are in, the front yard is extremely neglected and covered in cheap rock. It always gets to me, as being a gardener...I never let this happened.

So I have decided to tackle the trees, the crowns of them are covered in large river rock and debris plus filled with native cockroaches. Oh and also Psycho Bob next door opted to hack the trees on the property a few years ago.

Well the first one, I thought was just a young thing, once I started to clean it down I keep getting a bigger trunk and more age. So I kept going with the flow, soon I uncovered the whole stump!! I shaped the tree up and removed all the suckers.

I then went on to recreate a dry creak bed to help the flow of the water to go around it. Since the rock was put down by man, some 30 years ago....we have plastic under the rock/sand/dirt and this impedes water. I then went around planting seeds of stuff found here or that birds will like only time will tell what if anything will grow.

I have noticed that now since everything is cleaned in the front, all sorts of stuff is popping up!! I have to hurry with my NO WEED KILLER one of the drunks like to spray once in a blue moon.

Looking in one of my Grand Canyon books I seen the name of the tree is Tamarisk (Tamarix Chinensis) Well a google search tells me that I just saved a Monster!!! I had no idea it was a non native species, why is it in a A Guide to the Colorado River? Well this one old giant I bet is responsible for all the babies I see around town! Pretty interesting to think, in my front yard I have the Grandad that spawned all the siblings around town. 

Well if this was my property, the whole front would be redone but for now at least I have some nice trees to stop the sound of monster trucks! Next up will be the Chinese elm.

My garden area!!
 Mr Tamarix

Future Projects

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