Wednesday, February 4, 2015

OMG...."selling privileges have been temporarily restricted"


Just going through my email I get this from eBay....

"Hello vintage_affair,
After reviewing your eBay account, we've taken the following actions:
- Selling privileges have been temporarily restricted. You won't be able to list new items for 7 days.
- Violating listings have been removed. A list of items that were removed can be viewed at the bottom of this message.
- We have credited all associated fees except for the final value fee for your listing(s).

The listing that was removed appeared to violate eBay policy or a rights owner's trademark. Please remember that you are responsible for the quality and authenticity of the products that you offer on eBay. It is against eBay policy to list any counterfeit items.

For more information please see our Replica, counterfeit items, and unauthorized copies policy:

If you have more questions, contact our policy experts:

During this restriction you can still:
- Send email
- Obtain shipping addresses
- Leave Feedback
- Perform other administrative tasks

After 7 days, your account will no longer be restricted. However, please be sure your current and future listings follow these guidelines, keeping in mind that additional violations could result in the suspension of your account.

Here are the listings that were removed:
261729482020 - Vintage Dooney & Bourke Dark Green w/Tan Trim Pebble Leather Trifold Wallet

We appreciate your cooperation.


I cannot!!!! believe that ebay has stop my selling because of a wallet and and and I bought that wallet from the cancer thrift store, the elderly lady whom helps there was the do I know? I found her address labels in it!! 

I cannot believe this!! I buy and sell shoes/purses/wallets that are fun to look at not by the name. What am I suppose to do spend 100$ on each item to have it evaulated by a hand bag expert??

I buy the stuff to get it out of the land fill, I then resell it to get the "moeny" to invest in other items and to get my investment out as well as time it took for cleaning etc. 

eBay gone way way to wrong when it started charging us sellers a fee on the shipping we charged the buyers. Its sickening!!! Remember folk the rich get richer and the poorer get poorer!!

I like to think of myself as a barterer, take the new furball for example....cameo for a kitty....

It just so happen the globel bartering item is paper aka money. So I have to trade my objects for more paper to trade paper for more items. Wow you think about that and amercia is FU**ED UP Put it this way I had to sell a gorgous gold and shell cameo for green paper to save a cat!! WOW Isn't that amazing, should be the other way around. I should be able to trade the shelter this gold cameo for a kitten, but in order to get the care/help they need they also need paper. Crazy!!

So get this folks, I am DONE with eBay this has been in the works for sometime I just couldn't see my self doing it but I am sick of being raped by them and my items are not worthy of eBay. I believe I will be going with etsy and I also believe I have account over there too. 

I would love to just close my entire account, but I can't do that. I feel that eBay has became or should I say WANTS to become the new amazon. Its in the same league with Goodwill Thrift stores trying to be Marshalls. Its sad, but I can no longer afford to sell on there. I am done! I will only ever use ebay from this point on for buying and will NEVER list on it again. I will post a fire sale post soon and mark everything on there down very little. I have some amazing new things! look forward to 15.99$ shipped bag n shoe area, and some nice items listed at the lowest opening/bid amount on ebay...but cheaper!!

I am going back to what I use to be, a simple junk dealer! I don't want to be a picker, a corporation, a business....I just want to be some normal guy(no haha's :) ) that just sells because he enjoys what he does and wants to see items reused. I am not in this for the money. But like I kind of poked at above, that is what I need to barter with.....paper.....

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